Alan Goldsmith

Location: Bardfield, Essex
About the Speaker...

Alan Goldsmith, legendary Rock and Roll Promoter started producing shows in 1958 to the present day. He promoted such names as Stevie Wonder, The Who, Dione Warwick, Gladys Knight, Bryan Ferry, Van Morrison, Moody Blues, Eric Clapton, Elton John, Gerry and the Pacemakers, Four Tops, Billy Fury, Yardbirds and Cream to name but a few. His claim to fame includes also the fact that he produced huge Air Shows and the World of Crazy Stunt Shows featuring stunts that are now no longer allowed.
On top of that, Alan is the author of six books and the owner and creator of Mountfitchet Castle and The House on The Hill Toy Museum attracting over 2 million visitors.

About his Talk...

Alan is a Stand Alone speaker – all he needs is a microphone and a bottle of water. The fact that he speaks without the need for props such as laptop, screen and projector makes him a perfect After Dinner Speaker. His talks last around 45 minutes and he doesn’t use notes and is very good at gauging his audience and adapting his talks appropriately.


Fee is £150.00 and travel expenses dependant on how far the venue is from Alan’s home in Bardfield, Essex.

My Contact Details:

01279 813237

Giving It Both Barrels!

Alan was at the birth of Rock n Roll and instrumental in creating and promoting this social music revolution in over eight venues as well as pirate radio. Alan is now the last of the early producers and promoters alive.

Alan’s talk is about social history and music, showing what it was like growing up in Britain in the 40’s and 50’s before the advent of popular music and the 60’s that changed Britain forever.  The 60’s was the biggest social revolution this country has ever known.

Alan’s lectures give an insight of what it was like to grown up without Television and Commercial Radio and recalling his life at this most exciting time in British history.

Alan Goldsmith Contact Details:

01279 813237

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