Alan Rogers

Location: Warwick, Warwickshire
About Alan Rogers MBE Public Speaker - Master of Ceremonies - Toast Master...

I am a recently retired Warwickshire Police Officer of some 33years service. I now provide talks to many social groups including W.I, Rotary, TWG and I am often called upon as an after dinner speaker or Master of Ceremonies

About his talks...

My talk is one hour duration and based on my experiences as a police officer. It is upbeat and entertaining rather than a lecture on the police force and it is full of humorous anecdotes which look at the lighter side of policing.


For a one hour talk/After Dinner Speech – £75 plus travelling expenses @ 40p per mile

Master of Ceremonies/Toast Master at Wedding celebrations – £200 plus travelling expenses

My Contact Details:

01926 491213


A Policeman's Lot

Just a sample of the anecdotal style of my talk:I was at Crown Court having been summoned to give evidence in a case where I had arrested the defendant for numerous burglaries and an armed robbery…this was his judgement day! The case had been heard and the defendant had been passed a 10 years custodial sentence by the judge. After passing sentence the judge asked the defendant if there was anything he would like to say to the court before he was taken away. The defendant replied” Well, there is just one thing your Honour. I do have a serious heart condition from which I might die and I might not be able to complete my sentence”.(Obviously looking for sympathy and hoping for a reduction in time from the judge!) the Judge replied “Just do what you can then laddie”.

Alan Rogers Contact Details:

01926 491213


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