Alison Bristo

Location: Gravesend, Kent
About me...

In 2012 I had a life saving operation which resulted in severe complications and having to spend over 9 months in hospital.  During this time I felt a burden to my family and a deep loss in my teaching role and all that I had achieved.  To help myself, I focused on one main aim, to raise funds for orangutans in Borneo and Sumatra and to one day see them in the wild. I also trained in Life Coaching, Mindfulness and mental Health Awareness. All of which helped me to regain my self-confidence. It took me three years to recover from my illness and raise funds for a volunteer placement to care for orangutans in Borneo.  After this, my passion to help the orangutans became even more important and I now raise funds by giving talks to clubs and schools, hold  quiz nights and  organize cake sales.

About my talks...

I present my talks in power-point and show a film streamed through my laptop.  I have all of my own equipment, which includes, a large screen (though an in-house screen or clear wall is preferable), a projector, an amplifier, a laptop, long extension lead and if required, a microphone. I can also bring my talks on a USB stick and use in-house equipment.
I can design my talks to last from 45 mins up to 2 hours.  I am available evenings, weekends and daytime during school holidays.


My current fee is £70.00. This goes to the Orangutan charity. In addition I ask for travel expenses. (mileage)

My Contact Details:

07966 234357

Orangutan - Man of the Forest

Orangutans have almost 98% the same DNA as humans. They are intelligent, sentient apes, that can only be found living wild in Borneo and Sumatra. They are now critically endangered due to the loss of their habitat.
In my talk I share my extensive knowledge about orangutans and experiences whilst working with them in both Sumatra and Borneo. I explain why they are in danger and what is being done to save them.
I am the Kent Volunteer Ambassador for the charity Sumatran Orangutan Society and participate in volunteer projects yearly.
I give an up to date power-point presentation and show a film of my work with the orangutans.


How Orangutans saved my life!

This talk explains how my passion to help orangutans gave me strength, motivation and hope to overcome a life threatening illness. After many abdominal surgeries I was unable to eat and lived on a machine that fed me fluid into a main artery (TPN). I spent 9 months in Hospital feeling desperately alone, unworthy and anxious. I spent time in hospital making bracelets to sell to fundraise for orangutans and after being discharged from hospital to Bupa care I continued to fundraise by holding craft fairs and giving talks on orangutans. This helped me gain confidence and along with this distraction I engaged in yoga and meditation. I slowly got better and three years later went on my first volunteer trip to work with orangutans.
Since that visit I have continued to be passionate about saving orangutans from becoming extinct and continue to fundraise for them.
This talk has proved to be very popular and although when I created it, it never occurred to me that it would be considered as a source of help and encouragement to people with health issues of various types,  I am told that it is motivational, inspirational and interesting in a far wider sphere than I had ever dreamed of or intended, along with a powerful message to ‘never give up hope’.

Mindfulness. What is it, who is it for and how do you do it?

I am a qualified Mindfulness teacher and regularly work with adults, children and groups.
Mindfulness is about being in the present moment. Unjudging and free from the past and future.  Mindfulness practice is proven to reduce stress, manage anxiety, help with pain control and generally raise a persons well-being.
In my presentation I explain the history of Mindfulness, what it is, how we benefit from practising it and demonstrate how to do it.

Alison Bristo Contact Details:

07966 234357

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