Alison Charles

Location: Southend-On-Sea, Essex
Alison Charles aka Diva on a Harley

Alison is a speaker, singer, and entrepreneur, you would never know that Alison was a painfully shy child who would rather have hidden at the back than perform at the front. It takes persistence and courage to change direction, and that is what Alison seeks to help and inspire others to do. Alison helps entrepreneurs and organisations to understand the skills that are critical to personal and professional resilience and business success. She started her career in the British Army in the Intelligence Corp. It is a high-stress high reward environment.

The secret weapon
For Alison, her secret weapon is about 570lbs of superfast metal sitting in her garage. Do you know what yours is?

Alison developed these talks specifically for small organisations that just meet for fund and friendship.

About my talks...

Talks usually last for 45 minutes, with questions if required, and can be adjusted to suit requirements. Talks have been given to small groups of around a dozen up to an audience of 300, and all stages in between!


£100 plus travel expenses. I am happy to travel anywhere in the UK as long as travel expenses can be met – and hotel accommodation when necessary. My travel expenses are 45p per mile or train fare if more than ten miles from my home address in Southend-on-Sea. SS3. Subject to availability, I am happy to attend at short notice.

Fees are negotiable for tiny, very local groups.

PLEASE NOTE: These talks are specially designed for smaller local organisations like U3A, WI, Probus etc. For large groups or specific events, price on application. If you are a professional organisation or company and you are interested in engaging me as a speaker or Wellbeing Consultant then please visit my website Professional speaking and consulting fees on application.

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A Cleaner Greener Life

How to reduce plastic and your toxic footprint

Do you want to reduce plastic in your life but don’t know where to start?  Do you ever think about the chemicals you use and worry about the impact on your health?

Everyone is talking about plastic pollution at the moment and the impact on our oceans and the micro-plastics that end up back in our food chain.

If you want a no-nonsense, practical session on easy to implement ways to:

  • Reduce plastic
  • Detox your environment
  • Detox your body
  • Have a cleaner greener life

Let’s face it, who wants to use a cleaning product that warns not to use it in an enclosed space. Yet the alternatives are healthier for you, your environment and your purse.

Helping you on your way to better health.

This is a 45 minute talk and can be done as part demo.


Alison’s journey from a shy Essex girl to becoming a Harley Davidson riding Opera singing diva and everything that happened in between. Her time in the military, her work in Africa, it covers it all. An amusing walk through her life. This talk is very popular with mixed audiences like U3A.

No slides, this is a stand-alone talk.

Please provide PA system if larger audience


Women are making a difference both at home and globally they are the engineers of change. Through volunteering, through campaigning, through small changes in their own lives or through education, everything counts. Volunteering doesn’t just benefit others – we grow, learn and develop our own skills as a consequence. From fundraising to public speaking, from providing our own skills, professional services and time. And this in turn can enhance our profiles and our CVs. While personal satisfaction, challenge and a need to help may be at the forefront of why we volunteer – the unintended consequence can be a substantial improvement in how we are perceived.

This talk is ideal for local women’s groups.

This is a 45 minute talk and requires projector and screen for slides. Can be supplied if not available at location. Please provide a table for projector.

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