Bill Say

Location: Worcester, Worcestershire
About me...

I am an Australian trained Psychologist has over 20 years experience working within the drug, alcohol and mental health sectors. I am also a registered NLP Practitioner and Director of a charity called Aspie in Worcester for adults on the Autism Spectrum. I lecture at the University of Worcester on a variety of degree courses including Criminology, Social Welfare and Psychology.

Having spent my life in Australia working as a senior psychologist in the prison services, community mental health teams and youth services and also in remote aboriginal communities I enjoy talking about my experiences of dual diagnosis and complex mental health needs, how to adapt these in every day situations. My style of public speaking is very interactive, inclusive and fun drawing on many anecdotal real life, hair raising stories.

About my Talks...

I am predominantly a Stand Alone speaker – I do bring along my projector  and equipment though I rarely use them  as my talks are interactive and  mainly  anecdotal with real life situations and stories that provide the information. If there is a  flipchart available, that would be useful.
I have experience of talking to audiences of 4 up to 300.
My presentations are 50 minutes or longer – please contact me to discuss your requirements.


£150.00 – this is for a 1 hour talk.  If a longer, more in depth presentation is required, please contact me so that we can discuss details.

I am happy to talk anywhere in the UK though areas other than Birmingham, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire and West Midlands will incur travel costs @ 25p per mile. If the distance is such that an overnight stay will be required, I will need to factor this into my fee/expenses.

My Contact Details:

01527 465975

07855 605896

Are you just a little bit Autistic? You might be surprised!

Having run a charity for the last 7 years Bill has seen the full diversity of the way we think, some of it is genius, some of it is downright hilarious. I have learnt a lot about myself and that some of the best minds and most creative people in the country see the world in a way far beyond that of a Neuro typical person, but its not easy being different.

Learn about Autism, the light, the dark and the grey in-between, with a vast array of amusing and meaningful stories from our Australian Psychologist.

Understanding Relationships – How your shed might save your marriage

Intimacy and alone time, getting the balance right and understanding why that can become a life’s work. This talk will be an amusing look at how we connect with people, open up, become deeply engrossed in the other and then wandering what happened to ‘me’.

Dispel the myths ‘happily ever after’ that’s when the real fun starts.

‘That ain’t a knife, this is a knife’

Aussies and Poms, how different are we really?

Do you all drink tea? Do we all surf? Who is going to win the Ashes? Don’t worry we brought our own sandpaper.

I haven’t wrestled a croc for months now, but I tell you what – the M25 scares me.

A light hearted look behind the psychological and cultural differences of each country by an Aussie Psychologist living in the UK, including my experiences working in remote Aboriginal communities.

Sex and Drugs and Rock n Roll

Through the messy divorce with Europe we still retain our pre-eminence in one crucial area……we take more drugs than any other country….WHY?

Lets work out whats happening to young people and why drug use has continued to rise in the new age of synthetic psychoactive substances. The good the bad and the ugly.

Bill Say Contact Details:

01527 465975

07855 605896

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