Brian Cullen

Location: Mold, North Wales.
About The Speaker...

Brian Cullen is a professional radio broadcaster who has worked for the BBC and commercial radio stations in the U.K. since 1974.
He got ‘the radio bug’ by listening to Radio Caroline North in the 1960’s! Brian is currently one of the presentation team at ‘Radio Caroline Flashback’ which broadcasts on-line 24 hrs a day…..

About Their Talks...

Brian’s talk reveals unique photos and exclusive audio about Radio Caroline in the 1960’s concentrating on Radio Caroline North which was anchored 4 miles off Ramsey Bay, Isle of Man.


This 45 min presentation is inclusive of laptop, projector, Bose audio speaker and the Complete fee is £70 – (no further expenses).

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Public Speaker in Wales Brian Cullen talk about Radio Caroline

Radio Caroline was Britain’s first offshore commercial radio station which began broadcasting in March 1964. During this presentation you will experience how and why the station evolved. Listen to the original broadcasts and enjoy unique photos of the ship, the D.J’s and hear the original jingles which heralded the ‘sound of the nation’ in the 60’s offshore radio boom!

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