Chris Helme

Location: Brighouse, West Yorkshire
About the speaker...

For 30 years Chris Helme was a serving Police Officer and awarded the British Empire Medal in 1990 for his service in the community. He has written eight books both through commissions and self-published books on subjects including local history, brass band nostalgia and one taking a light-hearted look at his policing career. He wrote a weekly nostalgia column in his local newspaper for 30 years and has also written many articles for UK local and regional magazines.  He also produces and presents a weekly radio show.

For over 25 years, he taught local history adult community, classes. He has taught older people how to use a mobile phone, basic computer skills, as well as teaching the same basic computer skills to job seekers and he a reminiscence workshop facilitator.

During the mid-1980s, he was in demand as a speaker outside his usual job-related presentations. He is a regular speaker at Luncheon Clubs, Rotary Clubs and Probus Clubs throughout Yorkshire and averages 70 presentations annually and is now a  guest speaker on cruise ships.

About my talks...

All of my presentations are timed to last up to an hour except where otherwise stated – questions are gladly taken after the presentation. The presentations are digital power point presentations (some with segments of music) or stand alone story talks. All talks have been presented to male, female and mixed audiences of varying age groups.


£50 within 30 mile round trip from home address. For venues more than 30 miles round trip, travel expenses will apply @30p per mile. I am based close to the motorway, I am happy to travel almost any distance in any direction. Fees and expenses would increase according to distance travelled and size of audience (however large it is), but this can be arranged through mutual discussion.

Short Notice: Is something I am regularly asked to do and enjoy it. ‘Can you be here in an two hours, the speaker cannot come and we have 120 ladies at the luncheon club and no speaker?’ – Of course I did it and was pleased to save the day.

My Contact Details:

01422 205763


The Ups and Downs of being a Public Speaker…’

How do you become a public speaker using my own experiences as a guide.
When things have not always gone hoped. Being booked on the wrong night, the organisation forget to let you know it had closed and the inevitable occasional clothing malfunctions!

‘Holiday Memories from the Past’

Looking back at the holidays we had as children – guesthouses, boarding houses, taking your own food, turn around Saturday.
The caravan nightmares. Looking back at Blackpool, Sunday school treats and then the package holiday, the cruise ships and the ultimate holiday of the future.

This is a presentation where audience participation is encouraged.

‘So, you want to be a Pirate?’

The life of a Caribbean Pirate was not all it appeared.

Resolutions, Superstitions, some traditions and Don’t forget Valentine’s Day...'

Are you superstitious about the number 13, would you live at a house that is number 13? If you are could you have a diagnosable condition to go the see your doctor with?

The Road to Publication

In 1986 and after 26 years of writing a weekly nostalgia newspaper column I wondered if I could write a book. Three self-published books on local history later I was finally asked to write another local history book and the publishers would pay me to do it. This presentation is about how with little to no knowledge and largely self-taught I now have eight books published, write and publish my quarterly magazine and so much more. .

Memories of Christmas Past

A light hearted look back at the Christmas during our childhood – how it has changed. The history and origins of some of the things we still have and do at Christmas.

We also have a laugh mainly at ourselves looking back at those far off seasonal times. This PowerPoint presentation is one where audience participation is encouraged.

A Postcard From Sunny Bunces…

The Sunny Vale Pleasure Gardens, Halifax – Yorkshire’s Alton Towers of the 19th Century which had 100,000 visitors from the north of England every season – back to the days of Sunday school treats – (Info-tainment – slides – black out facilities required) – 1 hour presentation.

Legends From the World of Brass Bands

Info-tainment – slides & music – black out facilities required

A fascinating look at personalities from the world of brass bands (both living and deceased), the impact it had on their lives and those people around them. A fascinating insight into some of the foremost figures in both their own banding area and the national scene. This presentation evokes many happy memories for those who have been involved with bands at any level over the years. there’s a glimpse of life in the mill towns as it once was. A triumphant celebration of a community that lives on into the twenty-first century. The talk is illustrated with some of the 100 plus previously unpublished archive photographs which I have used in my book What Brass Bands Did For Me

A Week in May

A story based on the Murder of Lord Frederick Cavendish (of the Devonshire family) in Phoenix Park, Dublin in 1882 and its impact on Brighouse a small West Riding Mill town. This is a slide presentation with a comprehensive commentary. I have presented this to many ladies groups so do not feel necessarily put off by the subject matter because it is truly a fascinating story that takes the listener around world to its unpredicted end. A presentation that takes you on a journey from Dublin, to the West Riding, Chatsworth, London and finally to South Africa where this fascinating story comes to an unexpected end….!!!

I class this talk as Info-tainment – this is a slide presentation and black-out facilities are required – 1 hour presentation

Other Folks Rubbish

A thought provoking humorous lecture presentation with a local history theme the time scale can be tailored to suit your requirements

All in a Days Work…

Reminiscences from 30 years in the Police Service – a humorous presentation the time scale can be tailored to suit your requirements.

Chris Helme Contact Details:

01422 205763


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