Christina Croft

Location: Leeds
About the Speaker...

I have given talks to numerous groups of people different ages (from 5 years old to a 96 years old!) in all kinds of venues with listeners ranging from small groups of about twenty people to larger groups of 150 or more. As a qualified teacher with experience of working with all age ranges from 4 to 18, I have a CRB check and am therefore able to talk to children’s groups, too

About her Talks...

I require no equipment and my talks last about one hour.


I charge £40 (though this is negotiable for smaller groups) + travelling expenses of 35p per mile over 10 miles from my base in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

My Contact Details:

0113 2646739

The Lighter Side of Queen Victoria:

Far from the ‘uamused’ prude of popular imagination, Queen Victoria not only had a wonderful sense of humour but also a perceptive eye for the comic. This talk includes anecdotes of the Queen and her family alongside her idiosyncratic opinions of babies, marriage, romance, diet and a great deal more….

Grand Duchess Elizabeth & the Romanovs:

The story of Queen Victoria’s remarkable granddaughter, the sister of the last Tsarina of Russia. Renowned as ‘the most beautiful princess in Europe’ , Grand Duchess Elizabeth’s life is is an intriguing story of scandal, tragedy, assassination, war, revolution and eventually sainthood. From the glittering ballrooms of St. Petersburg to the slums of Moscow, the courage and beauty of the saintly grand duchess makes this story relevant to our own times.

Shattered Crowns: The Royalties and the First World War:

On the 28th June 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was shot dead in a street in Sarajevo. His death sparked the bloodiest conflict in history – a conflict for which the Emperors Wilhelm of Germany, Nicholas of Russia and Franz Josef of Austria-Hungary have often shouldered the blame. Were these friends and cousins really to blame or were they the scapegoats for someone else’s crime? Who was really behind the murder of Franz Ferdinand? Who was this man and why did his death spark the explosion of the First World War?

Christina Croft Contact Details:

0113 2646739

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