Dai Lawrence

Location: Odiham, Hampshire
About The Speaker...

Dai is a serving SNCO in the Royal Air Force (RAF) as a Flight Operations Manager, and has passion for British Military History. Dai has completed 12 years service with postings to various RAF units nationwide and overseas. Over the years in his day job he has also worked at various RAF Museums in his spare capacity, commemorating the world’s first independent Air Force and its proud and illustrious history. A Public Speaker by request delivering insightful and engaging talks & vignettes nationwide on the RAF’s defining moments. His passion and drive is conveyed with his unique delivery style ensuring the audience is engaged and captivated throughout. He has recently been recognised in Her Majesties The Queen’s Birthday Honours 2015 & 17 respectively. He delivers to both military and civilians in the UK and abroad. They need to be remembered and we will remember them. The ultimate sacrifice committed by those affected by war will never be forgotten.

About his Talks...

All talks are delivered via Power Point Presentation and he will require a screen. Depending on what talk the audience would like they can last from 45 minutes to 3 hours but can be completely tailored to suit. Question period included.


Each talk costs £60 (excluding travel fees) with the payment being split, 50% going to my selected Charity and the remainder to maintain my speaking equipment to ensure I am able to deliver the highest quality speaking.

Vignettes/After Dinner Speeches £300 (excluding travel fees) again these fees will go directly to the Charity of my choice and a percentage to maintaining my speaking equipment.

I am happy to travel into central London and up to a 30 mile radius. Any further on request (excluding travel fees).

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No.11 Group of RAF Fighter Command

A definitive account of the precise intricacies and workings into Royal Air Force Fighter Commands best kept wartime secret – 1 hour.
Duration 45 Minutes


The Battle of Britain

The Battle of Britain – A bespoke, engaging and comprehensive account on why the worlds first independent Air Force, the Royal Air Force remembers the summer of 1940 and how Winston Churchill rallied a Nation in the fight against the Luftwaffe with his ‘Few’.

Duration 1-3 Hours – depending on what’s required, please contact me to discuss your requirements.


The Aries Flights

The advancement of Navigational Techniques pioneered by the RAF for the British Empire and its Commonwealth during and post World War 2


Duration – 1 Hour

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