David Bell

Location: Eyam Derbyshire
About the Speaker...

The speaker is a retired professional civil servant who doesn’t take life too seriously and who now actually lives in the famous Peak District plague village of Eyam

About his talk...

A stand alone talk (my only requirement is a table and a lively audience)


Only £80 per 75 minute session (plus 50p per mile return mileage premium on bookings exceeding 10 miles from base)
My catchment area is Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, South Yorkshire and Greater Manchester

My Contact Details:

01433 639392

The Plague Doctor From Eyam

Trust the proven choice of hundreds of other Clubs & Societies and go for a guest speaker everyone is talking about. Go for David Bell, the Plague Doctor from Eyam.
An entertainment rather than a lecture. David is not a qualified medic, nor is he an historian, however he does spin a terrific yarn.
The Plague Doctor will not only make you think, but he will also make you laugh out loud and feel good about yourself.
For a fascinating 75 minutes you will be seduced in a uniquely amusing fashion into a 17th century world where both medical diagnosis and treatment were equally outrageous.
A world you would want to avoid . . . . like the plague !

David Bell Contact Details:

01433 639392

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