David McCaddon

Location: Congleton Cheshire
About The Speaker...

David McCaddon is an author of crime thrillers, his latest detective novel “Following Digital Footprints” is the first in a trilogy set in the North West of England. David is a seasoned IT consultant who has worked in computing for over 43 years and spent the past 32 years specialising in Law Enforcement Systems Development across Police, Prisons and Courts. His work has involved him implementing systems throughout a large number of the UK’s Police forces and worldwide. In his range of talks he shares with the audience some of this experience and in particular some of the more light hearted moments.
David is also an award winning playwright having had a number of his plays performed over the past 10 years.

About my talks...

My talks which are supported by Powerpoint presentations aim to be around 45 minutes allowing for a further 15 minutes of questions, however they can be lengthened or shortened to suit.
I provide my own laptop and projector. I just need a screen or white wall to project on to.


My standard fee is £60 for a standard evening or daytime talk plus modest mileage expenses if more than ten miles from my base in Congleton.

My Contact Details:

07964 712119

The Life and Crimes of Agatha Christie

A fascinating talk and a look at the remarkable career of the most popular crime novelist of all times – Agatha Christie the indisputable “Queen of Crime”.  David looks at her early life, her own real-life mystery and the creation of many of her characters including Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple.

From Computing to Crime Author

This fascinating talk describes how David moved from a life of crime (assisting police forces worldwide) to becoming a published crime author. From the moment when he received that first phone call from West Yorkshire Police to developing what became the de facto standard in Major Incident investigation. David’s talk touches on some of the humorous moments working in many major incident rooms and how it’s influenced his writing.

After the Yorkshire Ripper

This entertaining and informative lecture tells the story of what happened next after the Yorkshire Ripper enquiry. Clearly at the time the investigation suffered through the lack of computer assistance and following the recommendations of the Sir Lawrence Byford report there was a clear need for a purpose built computer system. David McCaddon was instrumental in the development of the UK’s first Police Major Incident Computer System (MICA) with West Yorkshire Police and later with the development of the HOLMES system which is still operational today. The talk which David regularly gives is light hearted and as well as dealing with the serious aspects also relates to some of the more humorous moments from the incident rooms around the UK and the implementation of the Major Incident systems worldwide.

The Yorkshire Ripper

This talk returns to the late 70s to the infamous serial murder cases and the challenges and difficulties the Police had to overcome during the investigation and in particular with cross-force enquiries. The talk progresses into the lessons learnt and the Sir Lawrence Byford Report stating that things had got to change in the UK Police service.

Costa Del Crime – The End of an Era

The end of the era when British criminals on the run can find sanctuary on Spain’s southern ‘Costas’ is now a reality. This talk looks at the changes that have happened since those days when some of the villains from the Great Train Robbery & Brink’s Mat Robbery attempted to escape there. There are a few surprises when comparing some of the crimes.

Working with Police Forces Overseas

The demand for Crime Investigation solutions is as great worldwide as it is in the UK. David has worked with Police forces in many countries worldwide including Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Botswana, USA and Canada. This talk shares his experience and some of the more humorous moments encountered in working abroad.

We Never Forget a Face

Facial recognition software can be a valuable tool when used correctly. Many countries use this type of software to effectively expand their police force. David worked on facial recognition development solutions in Europe, Middle East and Africa. This talk considers the pros and cons and looks at some of the applications that David has been involved in together with some of the more weird solutions that we might expect to see using the technology today.

Building a System From a Disaster

The Bradford City stadium fire was the worst fire disaster in the history of English football. It occurred during a league match in front of record numbers of spectators, on Saturday, 11th May 1985, killing 56 and injuring at least 265. David was involved with West Yorkshire Police in the investigation and the subsequent design/development of CRISIS the UK’s first Casualty Bureau and Identification System.
This talk looks at how the disaster inspired the development of CRISIS which was subsequently used to assist in a number of major disasters including the Herald of Free Enterprise ferry at Zeebrugge and the Pan Am 103 disaster at Lockerbie.

Internet Safety – The Pitfalls and Dangers

The Internet plays an increasingly important role in our lives today but using this resource should be used with care. This popular talk considers the pitfalls, dangers and scams and how to overcome them.

David McCaddon Contact Details:

07964 712119

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