David Owen

Location: Baldock, Hertfordshire
About the speaker...

David’s early career was spent as a Social Worker, supporting and developing people with learning disabilities and mental health problems who were being discharged from long stay hospitals into the community.
As a Human Resources Manager (HRM), with over 20 years’ experience, he specialized in the management of employee relations, conflict resolution & recruitment.
As a Lecturer he delivered professional HRM courses (Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development), lectured on Diploma in Management Studies (DMS), MBA, and coaching courses.
As a trainer he has delivered leadership courses in education, mediation courses and undertaken consultancy roles including quality initiatives, in a variety of public and private sector organisations.
When he recognised that training is hindered by individual expectations and experiences, which restrict individual choices and limit the capacity to change, he began to explore different ways to achieve change. Consequently he qualified in a wide variety of approaches to hypnosis including stage hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).
David developed “The Discovery Technique”, which is a simple but powerful way to assist individuals use their mind more effectively, achieve their goals and eliminate the thinking and/or feelings which hinder their ability to take action.

About his talks...

He is a provocative speaker who is passionate about sharing the benefits of hypnosis with individuals and groups so that they can enhance their personal & professional skills and outcomes.

David is a stand-alone speaker – anything he require will always be there or he will bring it.     The talks last from between 60 – 90 mins subject to whether the organisers require a demonstration or not.


Start from £60 + travel expenses. The fee is subject to the event and the distance traveled from Baldock, Hertfordshire

My Contact Details:

01462 643426 MOBILE: 07976644882

“Was I Napoleon?...a talk about Past Life Regression”

Explores the nature of this phenomena, how it is used and attempts to answer the question whether it is nonsense or a valuable tool which has beneficial impacts for the person who undergoes it. Use will be made of real case studies.

“Hypnosis…will I bark like a dog?”

Explores the myths, misconceptions and facts that surround this  powerful tool which can change your negative behaviour, improve your heath and lead to a happier you.

Imagine you really could “have my time back and do things differently.”

We explore the nature of memory, perception and unconscious decisions we have all made and how hypnosis can allow you to  make minor changes in your past which have a profound beneficial  impact on your life now e.g. imagine if when you were first offered a cigarette, you had said “no”


“The Game I Dream of….achieving peak performance”

Looks at how mind training can transform your golf, tennis, bowls or any other competitive sport that you wish to see improvements in in terms of your performance.


“The Discovery Technique… A simple but powerful tool to change your life”

As the author of this technique , we explore some of the different approaches, based on hypnosis, which allow you to:

·         Use your mind more effectively

·         Defuse negative experiences

·         Create the future you desire

·         Improve your sleep

·         Solve problems more effectively

Wherever possible I include case studies and demonstrations.

“Employer V’s Anxiety”

When will my employee return?”  – A Return To Work Programme based on a  fusion of Coaching, hypnotherapy & NLP. This is a means by which individuals can, subject to their agreement, get back to work faster without relapse and in a cost effective way for the employer.

David Owen Contact Details:

01462 643426 MOBILE: 07976644882

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