David Santiuste

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
About me...

I am an author and historian, with a particular interest in the later Middle Ages. I currently work as a teaching fellow at the Centre for Open Learning, University of Edinburgh. I can offer talks on various aspects of medieval British history, including Anglo-Scottish relations, pilgrimage and the Wars of the Roses.

About myTalks...

My talks last around 50 minutes, plus time for questions and discussion afterwards. I illustrate the talks using Powerpoint slides (for which a projector would need to be provided), although I am happy to give ‘stand alone’ versions if preferred.


I charge a fee of £50 for each talk, plus reasonable travel expenses if the venue is more than 20 miles from central Edinburgh. I am happy to consider speaking engagements in other parts of the UK, ideally those accessible by public transport, although please note that talks in Yorkshire or the London area are likely to be more affordable (as I will be able to find accommodation with family or friends).

My Contact Details:

07900 921888

The Hammer of the Scots: Edward I and Scotland

A talk on Edward I’s attempts to subjugate Scotland, considering his motives, the nature of the ensuing conflict, and the reasons why he ultimately failed.

Edward IV: Warrior King

An overview of Edward’s military career, focusing on his personal role in the Wars of the Roses. This talk explains why Edward enjoyed so much success on the battlefield, but also why he failed to achieve more.

Like Father and Son? The Earl of Warwick and Edward IV

The chronicler Commines believed that the Earl of Warwick was ‘like a father’ to Edward IV, but was this really the case? I trace the development of their complex relationship, ranging between the 1450s and Warwick’s death at the Battle of Barnet.

Anglo-Scottish Relations in the Age of Richard III

An account of Anglo-Scottish relations in the late fifteenth century. I provide a clear explanation of political events (including Richard’s personal role), but I also take a wider view, considering factors such as migration and trade.

Richard III: Reformer of Morals?

In October 1483 Richard issued a fascinating proclamation, the Proclamation for the Reform of Morals, which denounces his enemies on the basis of their sexual behaviour. I reflect on Richard’s own motives and attitudes, while also placing the document within a broader historical context.

Pilgrimage in Late Medieval Scotland

An accessible introduction to the subject, exploring various aspects of the pilgrim experience. This talk involves discussion of a wide range of sources, including texts, contemporary images and archaeological remains.

David Santiuste Contact Details:

07900 921888

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