Dr Geoff Mackey

Location: Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire
About the speaker...

In his ‘spare time’ Geoff is a father with two teenagers; an active Rotarian, well known as a speaker and entertainer; played rugby for Waterloo and Halifax; American Football in America and Australia; has sung and danced(!) with operatic societies; represented Breconshire at athletics; and is a published poet and writer. He raises substantial charitable donations standing on his hind legs in public and talking…

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About my Talks...

I am happy to bring all my own equipment but a large screen to project to from my laptop and projector is appreciated.

Talks last as the audience requires, but 20-45 minutes in usual, with questions as required, and can be adjusted to suit requirements. Audiences have ranged from half a dozen to about three and a half thousand… and all points in between!

Talks can be delivered virtually with Zoom or Teams etc.


Geoff doesn’t charge a fee but he does request a charitable donation to the charity or organisation of his choice…he pushes for what the ‘market will take’ plus travel expenses, and a bed where necessary.  He is happy to attend at short notice.  Minimum charitable donation required is £50.00.

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It’s not what you know… it’s who you know!

Having been a plc board director for the last decade, Geoff has worked though financial crashes, reorganisations, volcanoes and pandemics…his doctoral research was as a social scientist looking at social networking adding business value…it makes for an entertaining ‘discussion’.

The Vat Man, The Tax Man and me

Geoff worked for over a decade as a Health and Safety inspector investigator and trainer, he tells a good story of how not to damage yourself and thoughts of a few who have – illustrated, and not always too serious.

Motivation, how and why?

Having worked in the public, private and third sectors, played American Football in the US, first class rugby in the UK, and been a plc board director for the last decade Geoff has stories and techniques to share and discuss…

Communications ain’t that simple

Social media for those not born to it

More educational than entertainment, with a run across social media challenges, pitfalls and opportunities. Geoff has run communications in small, large and multi national organisations, he can share thoughts on messages and messaging



Building projects in Africa – the thrills and spills

For more than 10years Geoff took teams to East Africa to build schools and hospitals – a thoughtful but amusing journalogue.

Paddy the mole catcher

Having come from a country where moles don’t exist (in soil) Geoff was trained by the Welsh as a mole catcher and a worm charmer by the English – the stories gently amuse…



Thanks to the absurdity of Geoff’s speaking and professional portfolio he was asked some years ago to speak after dinner to amuse and entertain, he has now undertaken this for over 25 years and is happy to discuss any group or organisation’s requirements to round off their evening successfully.

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