Dr Peter Ning

Location: Sale, Cheshire
About me...

I am comfortable talking about science, technology and marketing and I also I perform original speeches, each lasting 6 – 8 minutes,
My Ph.D. in chemistry and Diploma in Marketing is backed up with job roles ranging from scientist, programmer, sales person, ad agency account manager and project manager.
I was part of the Speak Out chemical industry campaign and remain active in local speaker groups and as a tutor with young people in amateur dramatic productions.

About my Talks...

My talks are 45 minutes long plus 15 minutes Q&A session afterwards and I can talk to small groups or audiences up to 200.
I can do both a stand alone talk or PowerPoint slides using a full HD 1080p projector, laptop and 100″ screen, which I can bring with me at no extra cost. A 200W PA system can be made available at additional cost.
I mainly cover Greater Manchester and Cheshire.


My standard fee is £80 for a daytime/evening talk. This includes travel for up to 10 miles round trip from my home. I charge 35p per mile above 10 miles.
I make reductions for schools, charity groups and fund raising events.
Groups over 100 and talks outside the area stated above are subject to negotiation especially if it requires an overnight stay.

My Contact Details:

07852 335 554

Copywrite, Copyright & Chemistry

Advertising bombards us every day with an estimated 3000 subliminal messages and 250 images. Discover the tricks of the trade and how words, creativity and emotion makes us buy!

Copywriting is the creative art and science of writing with the sole purpose of selling in print. This is not to be confused with copyright which is used to protect the authorship produced by copywriters and any other creative person. Chemistry is the ‘magic’ ingredient which literally links the emotions and actions of humans. You will be taken on a journey which connects all three and help you understand the mechanics behind the hit TV series ‘Mad Men’.

By the end of this presentation, the audience will understand the basics of advertising, discover if they have broken the law (invariably yes, and this excludes motoring and parking offences) and know why buying gives them such a buzz!

Chemistry Through the Ages

Everyone is affected by chemicals and unlike physics and biology, it remains the least understood and most vilified of the pure sciences. Learn how chemistry developed, and the confusion between alchemy, philosophy, chemist and pharmacist.
One can consider chemistry as applied physics and biology as applied chemistry. For this reason chemistry impacts every facet of our lives. From the food we eat, clothes we wear and the very water we need to exist – all this involves chemistry.
This leads into chemophobia, the marketing of natural products and the importance of the applied sciences.

Audience participation is encouraged to ensure the detail of the topics covered are relevant.

Sextet of Speeches - This is a Stand Alone presentation

Sit back and be informed, entertained and astounded by the imagery created from 6 original speeches ranging from learning to love. All 6 speeches are ‘performed’ as they were originally written for competitive public speaking. The first speech, about speaking, provides a novel introduction which will inform the audience to fully appreciate the next 5 speeches.

Discover the art and science behind speech writing and delivery, enjoy the word play within the English language and the surprising journey taken by each speech.

Each speech lasts from 6 – 8 minutes with a 30 second interval between each.

1 – A Question of Balance (Niagara Falls vs. Public Speaking)

2 – Contrasting Cultures (Vive la différence)

3 – Fire, Fire, Fire (Danger on the Dance floor)

4 – Nobody’s Perfect (Finding Mr/Mrs Right!)

5 – My First Million (Give me the Money)

6 – Beautiful Cooking (Romance in the Kitchen)

Dr Peter Ning Contact Details:

07852 335 554

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