Gary Dancer

Location: Warwickshire
About the Speaker...

I am a past President of Nuneaton Rotary Club and currently an Assistant District Governor and my talks are centred round the work and fundraising at Rotary. I am a Podiatrist by profession and as you would expect very used to public speaking. In addition I am a Dementia Friends Champion and can deliver Dementia Friends training.


About his Talks...

My talks are supported by DVD film and I supply all necessary equipment though a screen, when available is appreciated.


My Fees:
I do not charge a fee but would expect a donation to the work of Rotary. I am happy to travel up to thirty miles or so from my home in BEDWORTH Warwickshire.
My contact details:

My Contact Details:


A Village in the Clouds

This talk begins with a very good quality 18 minute film followed by a genral chat with Q and A. The film/talk is about the village of Lama Gaun in Western Nepal where I have an ongoing project with a school and medical post. It is where the Gurkhas are recruited from and I have travelled extensively throughout this region as well as the rest of Nepal. I can include personal anecdotes about the rigours of living there, some humorous some not!

When requested, I can include some anecdotes about life as a Rotarian and a bit of history of the movement.

A Shot Felt Round the World

The talk begins with a quality DVD followed by Q and A and details the history of polio treatment and worldwide eradication by Rotary International. Clearly, there is not much humour in this subject but it is a fascinating and important story and generally goes down well with community groups of an age to remember the effects of polio. I can include some anecdotes about life as a Rotarian and a bit of istory of the movement.


This project was founded in 2000 and was part funded by Rotary Club of Helston Lizard,it is close to the hearts of all Rotarians because it takes immediate action to relieve suffering.It is a Rotary Global Partner and receives a lot of support through Rotary grants and donations,but just as importantly individual Rotarians will act as consignees,translators,guides and provide logistical support in disaster zones.This is possible because of the unique structure of Rotary which fosters strong links around the world and because of our well known none political and non religious stance.This means we are often able to access parts of the world that are usually off limits to other NGOs,this in recent times includes North Korea,Afganistan and the tribal areas of Pakistan. If required, I can include some anecdotes about life as a Rotarian and a bit of history of the movement.


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