Geoffrey Carr

Location: Melksham, Wiltshire
About the Speaker...

The son of a Master Mariner, Lieutenant Commander Geoffrey Carr is a recently retired Naval Officer with an engineering, nautical and academic background. Once Head of Engineering Design at the Royal Naval Engineering College, Plymouth, he has wide lecturing experience including that of visiting lecturer at the Defence Academy, Shrivenham. As a member of the Royal Navy Presentation Team he was involved in lectures across the British Isles, presenting to Parliament, captains of industry, local government, universities, and a few schools including Eton and St Paul’s.

About his Talk

A formal 45 minute presentation, illustrated by slides.
Equipment and facilities required are a projector screen and 230V domestic electric supply.  All other equipment is supplied by the speaker.  Access to the venue is required 20 minutes before the start in order to set up.


£50 donation to the RNLI. Mileage beyond a 5 mile range of Melksham at £0.45 pence per mile. Other expenses (e.g. parking) at cost.
My contact details:Lieutenant Commander Geoffrey Carr MSc CEng MIMechE Royal Navy:
38 Goldfinch Road, MELKSHAM, Wiltshire, SN12 7FL

My Contact Details:

01225 439405

07590 464653

The Loss of the TITANIC and a Wiltshire Family - Some Mysteries and Myths

Over one hundred years since she sank on her maiden voyage, RMS TITANIC continues to intrigue and fascinate us. Yet many of the stories about the ship contain errors and speculation that do not do justice to the ship’s design, and few combine the technical aspects with the social history of a family that actually took passage in the ship.

The lecture ‘The Loss of the TITANIC and a Wiltshire Family – Some Mysteries and Myths’ formed the highlight of Melksham History Society’s lecture 2008-09 programme, and has since been presented to over thirty organisations, where it has been very well attended and received. The illustrated talk intertwines the lives of a family from Melksham in Wiltshire with the technical detail of one of the worst shipping disasters in history.

A More Technical Presentation

Concentrating on the engineering aspects of the ship and omitting the family saga, is also available on the same terms.


Geoffrey Carr Contact Details:

01225 439405

07590 464653

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