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Location: Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire
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Sun Jester have been working in history and heritage education for more than 20 years, delivering fun and informative talks and entertainments for all ages.

About Sun Jester's talks and entertainments...

We offer a range of informal talks for all circumstances, such as clubs, charity evenings, colleges, History Associations, Women’s Institute meetings or after dinner entertainments. Talks have a usual duration of 45 – 60 minutes but can be adapted to suit particular requirements.


£100 plus travel (30p per mile)
If you are a smaller organisation – please contact us, we may be able to negotiate depending on circumstances.

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01296 423118

Poisons for Medicine: Victorian pharmacists and quack doctors

The reign of Victoria saw the development of chemical medicine from medieval-style alchemists, to modern pharmacists. Chemists lent their ingenuity to attempting to provide anything their customers wanted. Some made fortunes, some made disastrous mistakes. Open our Victorian Medicine Chest for a fun, and sometimes shocking, glimpse at the 19th century pharmacist.



Science and Superstition in the Roman Empire

The Romans were a very clever society but their ideas on medicine and surgery relied to a huge degree on magic and folklore. A fascinating session using images, real Roman artefacts and authentic replicas to give an insight into how people thought the body worked before germ theory..

Victorian Streetlife

Crossing Sweepers to Costermongers. In the mid-19th century many of London’s poorest inhabitants earned their living on the streets of the capital, by both legal and not-so-legal means. This talk introduces some of the colourful characters of Victorian London, who may have inspired Dickens.

Honey in History

In 2012 the worldwide harvest in honey was 70% down and there has been a huge loss of bee colonies with several species extinctions. Even if you don’t like the taste of honey on your toast, you will be awed and inspired by just how much use humans have made of honey over the last 10,000 years or so and just how much we still depend on bees.

The Bob and Dot Show

Providing a choice of talks with musical accompaniment. Dot sings live, entertaining with a variety of music from the golden era of song: the likes of George Gershwin, Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday and Artie Shaw among others. Bob relates interesting facts and anecdotes whilst playing original 78 records of the era on his beautifully restored HMV wind-up gramophone, originally built in 1933.

The Bob and Dot show can also provide a full evening of vintage musical entertainment from the 1930s, 40s and 50s, suitable for both private and corporate functions, great for Blitz/Blackout Parties, D-Day Dinners, Gangster and Moll Events or Fifties Evenings

Jazz Greats

Stories of some of the most famous artists of the Jazz and Swing Era.

The Fifties

From Doris Day to Bill Haley, songs from the first decade of Rock ‘n Roll.

Songs of War

Some of the popular music of the Second World War.

Hot Jazz, Hoods and Hooch

Anecdotes and music from jazz artists in the age of Prohibition.

What people say about our talks and entertainments.......

“Very clever of you to deliver a serious topic with humour” – Flackwell Heath Ladies Club

“We really enjoyed your talk and could have listened for hours” – Soulbury WI

“I’ve had lots of very positive feedback from our ladies for your entertainment – and WI ladies can be quite hard to please!” – Bletchly WI


Graham Harrison – Sun Jester Contact Details:

01296 423118

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