Harold Hoggarth

Location: Barnoldswick, Lancashire
About me...

I was born in Nelson, Lancashire during the Second World War, and brought up in the midst of local politics.
Although retired I am leading  a busy and active life and amongst other interests I chair of West Craven Family History Society, am a committee member of Barnoldswick Local History Society.

About my talks...

All my talks are fully illustrated with a mixture of  PowerPoint presentations, charts, artefacts, objects  or models,  depending on the subject.  I can bring everything necessary to deliver my talks including video projector, stand, screen, laptop and sound   system though I am happy to use inhouse equipment if it is available at the venue.
I am willing  to stand in at short notice.


My fee for small groups within ten miles of my home in Barnoldswick, Lancashire is £30. For groups of more than 50 people  I charge £60.00 plus travel expenses @ 25p per mile if the venue is more than ten miles from Barnoldswick.

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1. Snuff, Spinning and Spiritual Houses

This 45-50 minute fully illustrated talk is about some of the things I have discovered and some of the experiences I have had while researching my family history.     Some things that make you laugh, some things that make  you cry and some things that make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end.

2. Carnforth to Clitheroe, A Journey in Time

An illustrated look at the journey that brought my ancestors from Carnforth to Clitheroe  and the towns and villages they stayed at on the way. Although called  Carnforth to Clitheroe, it doesn’t start at Carnforth nor finish at Clitheroe but  covers the general geographical area.

3. ‘Lost Villages, Bridges and Tramways’

Places and things that over the years have disappeared and have often been forgotten.   This talk starts in Yorkshire then moves to Lancashire and further afield.

4. ‘A Touch of Notoriety’

Famous and infamous family links. From rich nobles to high treason plotters. Who may be lurking in your family tree?

5. Rags, Bones and Donkey Stones or A week in the life of Grandma.

Imagine what our grandchildren will tell their grandchildren when they relate the things their Grandma (or Granddad) did.


6. The History of Punch and Judy - "That’s the way to do it"

This talk includes a short non-violent Punch and Judy performance.

7. The way things use to be

A nostalgic trip back to the 1940’s, 50’s & 60’s.

A light hearted look at how we used to fill our time. The games we played, the music  we listened to, the radio programmes we enjoyed and how things changed with the end of rationing and the advent of Television. This is a fully illustrated  audio visual presentation.

8. The History of Puppets and Puppetry

This illustrated talk, is suitable for all ages This talk includes demonstrations of puppets from the earliest forms of shadow puppets to the latest puppetry techniques.


9. ‘In Search for the Northwest Passage’

May 1845, Sir John Franklin with a crew of 127 men, plus 2 ships, HMS Erebus and HMS Terror, set sail from London to find a way over the top of Canada into the Pacific Ocean. All perished in the frozen lands and seas of Northern Arctic Canada. Interest in this ill-fated expedition has never lessened and in 2014 the sunken remains of The HMS Erebus were found.

Latest news: HMS Error found 3rd September 2016, raising more questions than answers.

10. There’s a famous seaside place called........

A brief history of Britain’s most famous seaside resort, where many of us spent childhood holidays….. that’s noted for fresh air and fun.

11. Remember, remember the 5th of November....

We all know about Guy Fawkes’s plot to blow up the King and Parliament, or do we?



12. Respectable Rebels

The life and times of three local females who fought to bring about big changes in the lives of many of us. – Katherine Glasier – Selina Cooper – Ethel Snowden

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