Ian Thornton-Bryar

Location: Aldershot, Hampshire
About the Speaker...

Ian Thornton-Bryar is a retired Management/ Marketing/IT Consultant, who has worked in Europe, USA and the Middle East. He is widely qualified, and was a university statistics lecturer who brought the pass rate even further up, also improving average grades, by making the course fun. He is a member of the Ethics committee of the British Computer Society (the relevant Chartered Professional body).

About his Talks...

All presentations are in tested PowerPoint format; Ian has own (old) laptop, and a small screen (6’ diagonal), but no projector, yet. No PA, if the event is large. Ian prefers to speak from the back of the audience, as this helps the hard of hearing.

Ian may be available at short notice.


The Lancashire Witches Walk – For non-commercial groups, no charge, but travel and subsistence costs, at a reasonable basis (e.g., 28p/mile, round trip, for travel).

For commercial events – Project/Programme/Portfolio Risk Management, or, Ethics in the IT Industry, the starting figure is £50, plus BCS standard travelling and subsistence expenses if more than ten miles from my current base in Clitheroe, or my subsequent home base.

My Contact Details:

01252 285059 MOBILE: 07796672494

1. The Lancashire Witches Walk

The Lancashire Witches Walk is the story of who, how, when, why the walk was developed, why the witches existed, and were hanged (400 years ago), what the common law impacts of this were – that still matter, why the Poet Laureate wrote a poem for the walk, how walkers respond to the (51-mile – usually over 4 days) route, how Lancashire County Council, and the relevant MPs, reacted!

2. Project/Programme/Portfolio Risk Management

Project/Programme/Portfolio Risk Management – A technique developed initially for the UK Police National Computer modernisation, but since used on a portfolio of both public and private client assignments. Many clients try to ignore the risks always inherent in such change management tasks, which is why the majority seem to over-run initial budgets and schedules and fail to deliver expected outcomes. Attendees are also offered an exemplar Excel spreadsheet.

3. Ethics in the IT Industry

Ethics in the IT Industry – a led discussion on current thinking regarding the roles of vendors and clients, and how these issues might be improved to the common good. Already twice used by BCS (British Computer Society – the Chartered Institute for IT Professionals) Branches. Because contentious issues often arise, this talk is only offered under the Chatham House Rule. (No relevant photo)

Ian Thornton-Bryar Contact Details:

01252 285059 MOBILE: 07796672494

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