Jenny Mallin

Location: Kingsclere, Berkshire.
About the Speaker...

Jenny is an author and has recently won “Best in World Cookbook” for her memoir book “A Grandmother’s Legacy” based on five generations of her family who lived in India during the British Raj.

About her Talk...

Jenny offers a 45 minute Powerpoint presentation which is filled with lovely family sepia photographs. She is happy to answer questions after the talk.

She provides her own projector and laptop which is modern, state of the art equipment.


Fee for Jenny’s talk is £80.00 plus 32p per mile – she will cover a distance of 50 miles from her postcode which is RG20 5ES in Kingsclere, Berkshire.


My Contact Details:

01635 299656

My British Raj Family

Three generations of Jenny Mallin's family living in India before partition.

Author of award winning book “A Grandmother’s Legacy” – Jenny provides her audience with a personal insight into five generations of her family who lived out in India during the British Raj. Jenny gives an entertaining and unique peek into the lifestyles of her grandmothers and their families who had positions in the Railways, Telegraph and in Education. Her audience is taken on a journey which starts off in Yorkshire in 1798 with an ancestor joining up with the British Army and sailing to India who then makes a decision to settle with his family for the next five generations in colonial India with the ultimate decision 100 years later to return back to England after Partition.

Detailing her Anglo Indian heritage she brings it to life through ancient sepia photographs, stories and anecdotes gleaned from generations who went before her. The attached photograph shows three generations of Jenny’s grandmothers, of a grandmother, mother and daughter at a time of great celebration as it’s a daughter’s 21st birthday, the date is 5th July 1920 and the photograph is taken at a well known photograph studio called Orr & Barton.

Jenny Mallin Contact Details:

01635 299656

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