Jo Huey

Location: Bournemouth, Dorset
About me...

I’m Jo and I offer talks around living with someone’s alcoholism. After experiencing an alcoholic father as a child I’ve overcome all the complexities this involves. People have found my story inspiring and I not only share what it’s like to live in an alcoholic home but how I transformed my life through self-development. I now help others just like me and educate professionals so they can best help families.

About my Talks...

My talks vary in terms of format depending on what suits the audience and environment. I can customise them to be focused on inspiring people or share more about how I turned a traumatic life into a business. I can use Powerpoint slides or offer my talks stand alone. I have access to a laptop but would need connection to a screen for Powerpoint if that’s required.  I do have leaflets and my book so having a table is helpful


A 45 minute talk is £100 + reasonable expenses (anything over 10 miles of Bournemouth @ 45p per mile)

My Contact Details:

07732 403305

Depths of Alcoholism – The Family Perspective

I share my story of living with an alcoholic father and all the complexity that involved, as well as sharing my lived experience I inspire people with my journey of self-development and demonstrate how I’ve transformed my life to the business woman I am today.

Covered in the talk (which is customisable) is:

· Brief overview of my life and the challenges living with an alcoholic father (15-20 minutes)

· Typical characteristics and behaviours developed in an alcoholic home

· Impact on me as an adult

· What I’ve learnt about alcoholism and the alcoholic

· How I transformed my life to the business woman I am today

Jo Huey Contact Details:

07732 403305

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