John Henty

Location: Lewes, East Sussex
About me...

I claim to be the speaker who gets asked back. I believe this is largely because my talks are humorous and wide-ranging – from the charm of childrens’ illustrator, Mabel Lucie Attwell, to the cheek of Brighton comedian, Max Miller. Your choice.

As a BBC Producer, I was involved in the early days of local radio and can also recall the special magic of wartime wireless. Nostalgia is my speciality and it works! Another favourite is ‘Celebrity Spin’ in which I remember brief encounters with The Beatles, a flight to Istanbul with 007, Sean Connery, and an interview with the voice of Bugs Bunny in Hollywood.

About my Talk...

I do not require special equipment to be supplied for any of my talks although I do use a wind-up HMV portable gramophone with ‘Parish Pump Radio’ and a rare penny slot machine for ‘Celebrity Spin’. As far as my other talks are concerned, I simply stand up and deliver so these presentations are very popular at events where an After Dinner Speaker is required.

Duration? Totally flexible. I do have my own BBC stop watch!


£70 plus travel – Sussex preferred. Out of area considered with fees and expenses to be negotiated

My Contact Details:

01273 478070


He was born in Brighton, lived in the town all his life and died there in 1963. Max was once described as “The Pure Gold of The Music Hall”. Find out why and hear his remarkable story and a few of his (not so cheeky) jokes from the former chair of the Max Miller Appreciation Society – me!









Mabel Lucie Attwell (1879-1964) was a truly remarkable woman – known for her childrens’ annuals, bathroom plaques and popular postcards. In this unique look at what she described as “a lively life”, I reflect on her creative work over 70 years, her family and I introduce everyone to Boo-Boos and Diddums.


The early days of local radio in this country were exciting! I should know, I was there when BBC Radio Brighton opened on St. Valentine’s Day 1968. Big ideas, small budget and very hard work! The whole story in 45 minutes or whatever – timed by my own BBC stopwatch!


This is a unique presentation which includes a random selection of celebrity names chosen by the spin of an old penny slot machine. I recall travelling with The Beatles in a small van, interviewing Charlton Heston and flying to Istanbul with 007 (Sean Connery). Flexible length – or when the pennies run out. A prize for one lucky audience member as well.

John Henty Contact Details:

01273 478070

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