Judy Richter

Location: Belper, Derbyshire
About Judy...

Judy has been delivering talks for about 6 years and from small beginnings she is now a regular speaker at many group meetings and corporate dinners and with her new Cabin Crew Daze Monologue she has appeared, and will be appearing, at an increasing number of Arts Festivals in the UK.

About her talks...

We can offer sessions that are stand alone or with visual aids and can be available throughout the UK. We have our own equipment and can therefore offer sessions almost anywhere.


Her fees are £150 for a 45mins talk plus 15 mins Q & A time afterwards.

Based in Belper, Derbyshire and Judy is happy to travel as long as travel expenses are paid.

She has her own projection equipment for PowerPoint slide shows and is very happy to discuss how your event might be enhanced by one of her talks.

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Travel Unravel

Judy’s background lies in aviation and her Travel Unravel Talk takes listeners back to the Golden Age of Flight and how air travel changed the World and looks at where we might end up in the future with space travel on our doorstep. Judy backs her talk up with an interesting array of photographs and hilarious anecdotes a she recalls some of the situations she got into as crew on commercial and private jets during her career here in the UK and in the USA where she was based for some time!

Photo : Judy with her British Airways Uniform!

The Cabin Crew Daze Monologue

The Cabin Crew Daze monologue grew as an extension to the Travel Unravel Talk and Judy being a regular amateur dramatist was asked to perform it at an Arts Festival two years ago, to acclaimed feedback, which encouraged her to further enhance and work on it. The result is an entertaining and hilarious piece offering Judy’s position on travel as aircrew – the scrapes she got into and what the ‘average’ cabin crew member REALLY thinks of their passengers!

Biker Chicks - Ladies on Motorbikes!

Totally contrary to the idea of a glamourous flight attendant, another of Judy’s passions is Motorcycling and this “Biker Chick” extraordinaire offers a surprising and thought provoking insight to the World of Ladies on Motorbikes. She invites you to look at the history of women on motorbikes, how the original “biker chicks” were socialites and ladies with money, how they dressed and what they achieved – particularly in the War years and how “biker chicks” fit in to the World today.

Photo: Judy with her Aprilia Shiver 750 called Jack Sparrow !

Emergency Urgency!

Judy’s ‘real’ job is running a First Aid Training company and she offers a short precis on Emergency Life Support and Basic First Aid for groups that might want to upskill their knowledge on the subject but not attend a formal First Aid Course. This is supported by a PowerPoint show and relevant First Aid resources.

Photo: First Aid Demo at WI Ashby

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