Julia Goodfellow-Smith

Location: Malvern, Worcestershire
About The Speaker...

I am an adventure writer and speaker who is also a Chartered Environmentalist. I love to entertain people by sharing some of my stories, which I hope will also encourage them to live a more adventurous and sustainable life.

About Their Talks...

My talks usually last for around 45 minutes with time for Q&A afterwards.
They are illustrated with photos – I can provide projection equipment if needed.
I am accustomed to presenting on Zoom (and other online platforms) as well as in person.
If you need a speaker at short notice, I will be happy to help you out provided I don’t have any other obligations. Please call with any urgent requests.
My talks span a range of subjects, reflecting my wide-ranging life and professional experience. Themes include adventure, living your bucket list, environmental protection, menopause and finance. Please see below for details.


£50 for one of my standard talks to local(ish) groups.
Travel at 45p per mile for in-person presentations over 10 miles from home (Great Malvern).
For keynote and after-dinner speeches, please let me know your requirements and I will provide a quote.

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Live Your Bucket List

This talk covers the key themes from my #1 bestselling book, Live Your Bucket List: Simple Steps to Ignite Your Dreams, Face Your Fears and Lead an Extraordinary Life, Starting Today. Inspire your members to turn their dreams into reality!

Lessons From a Long Walk

Walking the 630-mile South West Coast Path gave me plenty of time for reflection. This talk examines some of the lessons I learnt or re-learnt during my 7.5-week adventure, illustrated through a range of amusing and entertaining stories. This talk was described as ‘spellbinding’ by one event organiser and ‘a great adventure, well told’ by another.

Cycling King Alfred's Way

Tales of adventure, friendship and determination from the start of my training to completing the 217-mile King Alfred’s Way cycle route.

Scotland's North Coast 500

The North Coast 500 has become an immensely popular route, and for good reason. It took my husband and me three weeks to drive the route, allowing plenty of time for exploring. This talk shares some of the magic of the north of Scotland, without having to travel all that way.

How to Write a Bestseller

They say that everyone has a book in them, and many people express a desire to write one. As the author of the #1 bestselling ‘Live Your Bucket List’, I share my writing and book production process with the audience so that they too can make their book-writing dreams come true.

Climate Reality

I am a Climate Reality Leader – trained by Al Gore and the Climate Reality Project to give talks about the climate crisis. This talk is updated 2-3 times a year, with data and slides from the Climate Reality Project. If you want to know more about the current situation and what we can all do to avert the worst ravages of climate breakdown, book me for this talk.
My climate reality talk is free of charge, mileage at 45p per mile.

Plastic Fantastic?

This is a highly interactive talk, exploring our use of plastic, the main routes by which it enters the environment and the harm it does. With the audience, I also explore what we can do to stem the plastic tide in terms of our own consumer choices.

The 'Me' in Menopause

As a member of the Women’s Institute, I turned to fellow members for support and information as I went through menopause. This talk covers the symptoms and coping mechanisms, as experienced by over 100 members of the WI.

Financial Planning for Women

Despite women having greater wealth than ever before, too many still shy away from critical money conversations. We live in a world of gender pay gaps and huge gender pension gaps. Women continue to live in financial fear and insecurity.
In this talk, I address one of the biggest barriers for women to get involved in long-term financial planning – understanding personal finance issues and options.
This talk is based on a series of blogs co-written with Keren-Jo Thomas Financial Planning. In my days as a banker, I worked with Keren, but I am not a financial advisor – this talk is about providing information and pause for thought, not financial planning advice.

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