Julian Richard Le Good

Location: Portsmouth, Hampshire
About The Speaker...

My name is Julian Le Good, I am a sixty something-ish retired architect. I consider myself fortunate, I trained and spent my early years during a golden age. An age without fax machines, email and mobile ‘phones. An age of “double elephant” drawing boards with ebony edges, drawing pens which forever gummed up and erasing machines which burned holes in our drawings.
Coffee breaks, tea breaks ( with trolleys and buns) and Eric’s excuses for never coming in on a Monday.
The Royal Institute of British Architects told us that we had five days in which to reply to a letter or respond to a request for information from the builder.
The fax machine reduced that to five hours, the email to five minutes and the mobile to five seconds.
I was one of the fortunate ones, I witnessed the evolution from drawing boards propped up on brick samples, yards, feet & inches via “draughting machines” to Computer Aided Design and 3d Modelling.

About Their Talks...

I do not charge a fee to speak, but I do encourage the gift of a donation ( proportional to the size of the audience multiplied by the number of laughs I get)  of which I will donate all of to charity.

I support Macmillan Cancer Support  and Imperial Cancer Research Fund who have assisted me as I journey through cancer .  I can talk about these further when I speak. Expenses are welcome as I subsist on benefits & charity.

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A Portrait of the Architect as a Young Man

A talk made up of the absurd, the ridiculous, the hilarious and the downright ridiculous encounters I had along the way. Highlights include bricklayers who couldn’t count, setting out engineers for whom the “5 4 3” triangle, Pythagoras and the Right Angle remained a mystery; the day “Nasty man married Ugly Woman” (or it could have been the other way round. ) Then there’s how to tell the difference between three-day old concrete and three-hour old concrete, “What the mortician found”, the day I met the Queen, and what happens when you locate two 1000 litre birthing pools in adjacent delivery rooms.
Other highlights include the legendary tomato plant at the end of platform 1, Sheep droppings in the lift, “flying Jesus”, why the door was locked shut and the bunnies. And that was just in 1985.


“Julian spoke to a Seniors Group at our church in October 2023 and engaged really well with the group. His stories about starting off his professional life as a young architect were littered with amusing anecdotes and the misfortunes that had befallen him; all told with a self-effacing modesty.
Happy to take questions afterwards he ranged into modern day architects, the impact of AI and which of his projects he was most proud.
Lots of compliments from the audience about his talk in the coffee break afterwards.”

Peter – Seniors Group (October 2023)


“Julian Le Good kindly stepped in at short notice when we were let down by a booked speaker. He is a very amiable and relaxed man who spoke, without notes, props or white screen for 45 minutes. The content of his talk was littered with good, clean humour. The WI ladies loved his presentation and look forward to his return to Southsea Afternoon Women’s Institute.”

Angel WI Hampshire (March 2023)

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