Karen Lee

Location: Swaffham, Norfolk (PE37)
About me...

I am originally from Cambridge, having experienced numerous negative life events including anxiety and depression, I sought help through various avenues. I discovered the powerful application of Hypnotherapy completely by chance and now strive to raise awareness of the positive benefits of relaxation and Hypnotherapy in general. I have been passionate about helping others all my life and knew from leaving school that I wanted to study Psychology and counselling. Although my plans changed over time, I have come full circle. I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist, and will begin studying BSc Abnormal and Clinical Psychology at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge in September 2019.

About my Talks...

I normally use PowerPoint illustrations with my talks and I have my own projector (just require a screen).  However, I am equally happy to present the talks as a Stand Alone speaker on such occasions as After Dinner speaking or where the venue does not lend itself to an illustrated presentation.


From £80 plus travel if the venue is over 20 miles from my home in Swaffham, Norfolk.

My Contact Details:

07740 335591

A history of hypnosis and uncovering the myths about Hypnotherapy.

Television programmes make Hypnosis look like one person is in “control” of another person- which is simply not the case at all! The subconscious mind is the deepest most primitive protective part of our mind, which houses the fight or flight mechanism. Consider: If hypnotism was mind control or a negative influential tool, bad people would be rounding up susceptible people and get them to do their bidding- this simply doesn’t happen.
In this talk you will learn about the history of Hypnosis, who used it throughout time and how this completely natural state of mind can help you in the here and now. And finally, why everything you thought about Hypnosis is probably false!
A demonstration of a susceptibility test and what a person is aware of being in a hypnotic state are included- participation is voluntary and no ill effects whatsoever will be experienced from either.

Mind over matter! How anxiety can be controlled by increasing your positivity.

Having suffered with anxiety for years, I have overcome it through several avenues- the most effective? A positive mind.
Anxiety is “A fear of the unknown- or fear of something that might happen” with this information in mind we can start to see how a positive mind would help deactivate the incredibly debilitating physical aspects of the condition.
In this talk you will discover how anxiety comes about, 3 times a charm- or not in this case. How triggers work and why the subconscious acts on them in such a physical way. Learn the difference between positive and negative coping mechanisms and why the latter will always feed the condition.
A pamphlet of information is included with this talk for each person to take away. I will also demonstrate a simple but effective positive coping mechanism during the talk.

Karen Lee Contact Details:

07740 335591

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