Kath Reynolds

Location: Staffordshire
About me...

I am keenly interested in people; their lives and their communities – my talks reflect a great many years of collecting stories, memories and musings from the people of Staffordshire and the surrounding area. I am always vigilant to research and verify “facts” which are presented to me – although I often share the facts which are clearly fiction…purely because they are entertaining. The confidentiality of my “reminiscers” is always protected.

About my talks...

For all talks I would be grateful if a table could be supplied to display resources. I do have all of my own equipment for powerpoint presentations but if you have a projector screen(or a blank wall) available it would be very useful.


All talks £50
Travelling expenses payable for journeys of more than 10 miles – sliding scale of between £5 – £20 dependent on the distance travelled.
Happy to travel within Staffordshire and to some areas of Cheshire, Black Country, Derbyshire and Shropshire.

My Contact Details:

01538 722812


1.Dollytubs and Flat Irons

This is an interactive reminiscence session on the theme of “doing the washing”. Monday was always wash day and in the Potteries it also meant that you’d be having lobby for dinner!  Take a step back in time and recall the sweat (and tears) of washdays in the early-mid 20th Century.
This is a powerpoint presentation which lasts approximately 50mins

2.Famous Folk of Stoke

A whistle-stop celebration of the great sons and daughters of the Stoke-on-Trent area and the contributions they have made to local, regional, national and international history. Stoke is more than just pits and pots, and more than Sir Stanley Matthews and Robbie Williams. We will take a brief look at the famous potters, entertainers and sports stars as well as those folk who intrigue and inspire us…witches, tramps and sea captains!
This talk is a powerpoint presentation. It can be delivered as one session (approx 75 mins) or two shorter sessions (approx 45 mins each)

3.Food Glorious Food

An interactive powerpoint presentation looking at the advent, and impact, of convenience foods in our diet. From fish fingers to angel delight, Camp coffee to chianti in a basket, spam to salmon paste – all the things we have loved… and some of those we have hated! Approximately one hour in duration.

4.Goose Grease and Brown Paper

Can we afford the doctor? Of course not! A fun trip down memory lane to pre-NHS days and the kitchen cupboard remedies inflicted by our nearest and dearest! Honey, salt, onions, mustard…not to forget the snails, urine, string and cow muck! This is very much an interactive session and audience participation is warmly welcomed but not compulsory! Approximately one hour in duration.

5.Gymslips and Chalkboards

An interactive schooldays reminiscence session recalling the highlights of the “best days of our lives” – uniforms, story books and poems, times tables, inkwells…and playtime! powerpoint presentation. Approximately one hour in duration.

6.Famous Folk of Staffordshire

A celebration of the most inspirational Staffordshire folks; from Philip Astley and his circus to Shane Meadows and his films – enjoy a whistle-stop trip around this great county.
PowerPoint presentation approx. one hour.

7.Make Do and Mend

Recycling was always a way of life…share your top tips and recipes. Reminisce about eating chitterlings, pigs’ trotters, tripe…and for afters…a deluxe vanilla slice! Don’t forget to save a bit of beetroot to touch up your lipstick.
PowerPoint presentation – approx.45 mins

'Tis the Season to be Jolly...

Christmas time! A look back at some of our Christmas traditions, celebrations and favourite toys! Enjoy a few carols and a look at the films we’ve watched at Christmas time.
PowerPoint presentation – approx. 45 mins

To Love and to Cherish

A celebration of our wedding traditions and superstitions. A quick look at weddings dresses from the 40’s through to the 70’s and at some of the dresses and traditions of other faiths/cultures. A peek at some of the weddings of the rich and famous…including Lady Di’s crumpled frock.
PowerPoint presentation – approx one hour

Watching with Mother

Children’s TV Favourites from the 50’s-70’s. Remembering Muffin the Mule and Andy Pandy, listening to some of the classic theme tunes including Black Beauty and Blue Peter. If it’s Friday and it’s five to five, then it must be….? PowerPoint presentation – approx one hour.

Kath Reynolds Contact Details:

01538 722812


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