Lauren Barratt

Location: Plymouth, Devon
About me ...

I am a twenty-something ex-teacher who left the profession to pursue an alternative lifestyle as a travel blogger. Beginning with a 4-month campervan adventure in a VW caddy around Scandinavia, to me buying and building my own campervan Bilbo the Mercedes Sprinter.  Also, I have experience of growing my blog, The Adventure Diary, over a 3-year period. With experience of growing my social media network, blog traffic and monetising my blog. Now I am pursuing a full-time career as a travel blogger. I have experience of delivering talks to adults and educational workshops in schools.

About my Talks...

Either presented with a power point to support or as a stand-alone. For the PowerPoint presentation I will require a projector and screen for my MacBook pro. I can also bring my self-built camper and photography equipment dependant on the talk requirements/location.

I am adaptable and can alter my talks to meet your specific needs so please do let me know. Each talk lasts around an hour however I can adjust times if needs be. All the talks can be made into workshops which will have a practical element to them.


£100 per hour (plus travel if it is a substantial distance away from my home in Devon, this can be negotiated when you contact me).

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Blogging and Social Media

The focus of this theme is on how I grew my blog and social media. With a strong  element being on how to use social media productively and positively for our mental health.

Motivational Travel

Focusing on the perspective of life and how we can change this to become more positive.  Using travel related stories to add meaning to this.

Van Life

Within this talk I discuss living the van life and talk in detail about some of the adventures I went on.  Also, I talk about how I built my van from scratch teaching myself as I went.


All the talks can be made into workshops which will have a practical element to them.

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