Liz Prest

Location: Shaftesbury, Dorset
About Liz Prest FFIPI...
Liz Prest is an established image professional within the image industry, with over 20 years of expertise in presentation and communication. Whether working one to one with individual clients, or with groups in workshops, or seminars, Liz‘s style is engaging, entertaining and highly informative. She was a regular tutor at Denman, is a recognised W.I presenter, an after-dinner and fund raising speaker as well as a cruise ship lecturer.
Working with the media includes being a regular contributor to a cable tv network as well as BBC and ITV interviews.
About her talks...

Her presentations are from 45 – 60 minutes, Power Point or stand alone and include visual aids, image props and audience participation. She is delighted to answer questions at the end.


I charge £ 80.00 – £100.00 and 0.40 pence per mile from Shaftesbury in Dorset

Areas covered Dorset, Wiltshire, Somerset, Hampshire, Bristol.

My Contact Details:

01747 828925.

Just a Pop of Colour

Green with envy; red with rage; blue with cold.  An entertaining and informative look at how we use colour every day – not just in our vocabulary but in our wardrobes.     Find out how we associate shades of colour with moods, behaviour and our feelings.  Liz explains how we relate to colours in the wardrobe and how they can help make us look fitter and feel more confident.  Do we all see the shades of colour the same?  Does black really have the effect of slimming the body?  Would you eat a blue tomato?

We only need just a ‘pop’ to brighten and enlighten our day

‘I’ve got nothing to wear’ - but oh, yes, you have!

Liz opens the wardrobe doors for a lively and helpful look at how to make the most of your items hanging and stored there.  With thoughts of what we like to wear and when, to lifestyle and occasions, she explores our personal likes and dislikes and social history attitudes to the ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’.

Fashion can be fickle, so the idea that we can all be our own designer maybe hard to appreciate but we can all have clothes and accessories unique to our personality and lifestyle.  Our lives are not simple.  They ask us to be different people at different times, so we are very versatile and the wardrobe will need to reflect all of this.

Liz Prest Contact Details:

01747 828925.

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