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Location: Waltham Abbey, Essex
About me...

I was a professional photographer and had many opportunities to meet sand photograph such stars as Marilyn Monroe. My own photographs are used in my talks when possible.
I have given talks to U3A, Probus, Rotary, Women’s Institutes, Towns Womens Guilds, Historical Societies, church, retirement groups and many types of social clubs.

About my talks...

All talks are slide shows using a projector and each show has at least 70 slides and lasts for approx 60 minutes. All equipment is supplied for the presentation when necessary. ie projector, cables, stands, PA System & Screen.

I have recently been requested to present my talks in the homes of the club secretaries and find that this can work very well and provides a very chummy, informal atmosphere.  So, if you have a small number of members, or a very large room and feel that this sort of intimate presentation would work for your club, do give me a ring to discuss.


My fee is £45 – £75  depending on mileage. I can supply all equipment, projector, cables, stands, PA System & Screen.
I am happy to take bookings for any day of week (including Sunday) morning, afternoon & evening.
I normally work within a 20 miles radius of Waltham Abbey , Essex, but other locations may be considered

My Contact Details:

01992 719969

1. Carolyn Grace 'A Lady and Her Spitfire'

Carolyn Grace is the worlds only lady owner and pilot of a WWII Spitfire and we worked as her Volunteer Team – raising funds for the Spitfire, for ten years. Though Carolyn has now retired her son flies the Spitfire.

During this talk, we also discuss our time working with Ray Hanna and his son Mark. Ray, along with Lee Jones created the nine Red Arrows formation team that is now displayed at air shows.

Photo: Carolyn Grace and me with her Spitfire in the background

2. Lawrence of Arabia

His early years, Arab Revolt, RAF/Army career after WWI.  The rumours surrounding his death. Local interest is the connection to Pole Hill, Chingford and the Royal Gunpowder Mills, Waltham Abbey, Essex.

3. Year of Discovery

Join me on various day coach trips visiting well known and favourite locations  such as  Hastings, Windsor, Cliveden, Cheddar Gorge, Leeds Castle and even a trip to France.  This sight

4.World of Celebrity

I was given many opportunities during my working career in theatre, TV and films  to meet and photograph celebrities including Matt Monro,  Judy Garland,  Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton , Jimmy White, Shiela Hancock & Frank Lampard.   This is a lighthearted look at the famous………..

5. Animal Magic

Visit some of the worlds most beautiful wild animals, white lions , tigers,  red pandas, lemurs and more.  Many are endangered even extinct in the wild, the animals were photographed primarily at Paradise Wildlife Park,  Broxbourne, Herts.  Also of interest is the ongoing conservation work at the park.


6. Windsor, Cliveden and the Profumo Scandal

First, visit Windsor, then Cliveden – see the swimming pool where the Profumo Scandal (19 years old ‘model’ Christine Keeler and Secretary of State for War, John Profumo)  first started in 1962. Visit the dining room where, in all probability, Princess Diana first met Dodi Fayed.  The house has been burnt down twice and is now a Five Star Hotel.

7. Marilyn and Elizabeth - Icons of an Era

Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor – two Hollywood legends …… they both made many films and had many husbands and lovers.  They both enjoyed huge fame, wealth and glamour but their lives were  littered with chaotic failures.

With Marilyn we consider her films, her husbands, her affair with president Kennedy, the sadness of her short life and the mystery still surrounding her death.

With Elizabeth we skim through eight husbands and her amazing collection of jewellery which was worth worth millions, her many problems with Richard Burton which started with the filming of Cleopatra.

8. LEGENDARY Films of the 40’s, 50’s & 60’s

Singing in the Rain,  Casablanca,  Gone with the Wind,  Cleopatra plus many more,  discover unusual facts and myths these films have gathered over the years and hopefully they will remind you of the happy hours spent in the “old” cinemas

9. A Life of Snap Decisions

A Life of Snap Decisions

I will explain how easy or difficult photography can be,  you will laugh at some of my mistakes and over the years there have been “several”, I’ll be very pleased  to advise with any problems you have encountered,  do remember to bring your camera and maual.

10. Venice City of Dreams

Venice City of Dreams

A year in the life of this magic city,  carnival,  regattas, film festival, glass blowing, lace making, The many tourist attractions St marks Basillica, the maria della Salute and Doges Palace.  The problems with  the yearly flooding and the new problems with cruise boats and the tourists.

11. Austria, Bavaria and the Sound of Music

Visit the many locations where this film was made, the problems Julie Andrews suffered during the filming of the opening credits.    Christopher Plummer’s upset with his  singing being dubbed  and  how Hollywood has altered various aspects of the true story.  We also see the beautiful castle of Neuschwanstein and the historic Eagle’s  Nest  (Hitler’s summer retreat)

12. Legends of the Silver Screen - Part 1

Judy Garland, Steve McQueen, Vivien Leigh,   Peter O’Toole,  Cary Grant,  Rita Hayworth,  Clark Gable,  Sean Connery, Jayne Mansfield,  Elvis Presley  plus many more……

14. Legends of the Silver Screen - part 2

Diana Dors,  Frank Sinatra,  Grace Kelly,  Errol Flynn,  Lana Turner,  Joan Crawford,  Yul Brynner,  Michael Caine  Ava Gardener,  Joan Collins  plus many more…..

15. Legends of the Silver Screen - part 3

Robert Mitchum,  Bette Davis,  Peter Finch,  Mae West,  Marlon Brando,  Tyrone Power,  Ingrid Bergman,   Gregory Peck,  Esther Williams  plus many more………

16. Legends of the silver screen - part 4

Sophia Loren,  Kirk Douglas,  Betty Grable,  Tony Curtis,  Paul Newman,  Jane Russell,  Katherine Hepburn,  Gary Cooper,  Julie Andrews  plus many more….

17. Legends of the Silver Screen - part 5


Doris Day,  William Holden,   Carmen Miranda,  Charlton Heston,  Barbara Stanwyck,  Jeff Chandler,  Susan Hayward,  Richard Burton,  Elizabeth Taylor plus many more……

18. Legends of the Silver Screen - part 6

Audrey Hepburn,  Montgomery Clift,  Glen Ford,  Richard Widmark,  Humphrey Bogart,  Marilyn Monroe,  Dame Vera Lynn,  Lauren Bacall,  Debbie Reynold  plus many more…………..

19. Legends of the silver screen - part 7

Burt Lancaster,  James Stewart,  Margaret Lockwood,  James Mason,  John Mills,  Kim Novak,  John Wayne,  Dorthy Lamour,   Janet Leigh,  Fred Astair and Ginger Rogers.

20. Television - 1950’s - 2010

Television  ,  from Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation to reality  Shows,  how our small screen has changed from fuzzy black and white to the hi tech of today.

21. An Extraordinary Journey

Travel with Maggie and Tony when they visited many of the exciting and beautiful locations around the world including France, America, Easter Island, China, Australia and many more.

22. History of Royal Weddings

Edward V111 and Wallis Simpson,  George V1  and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyons,  Princess Elizabeth and Prince Phillip,  Princess Anne ,  Princess Margaret,  Prince Charles, Prince Andrew, Prince Edward, Prince William and  Katherine Middleton

23. Women and Their Destiny

Victorian times to 1950’s Britain,  how  lives have changed for women…. from service in the large mansions to independence!!!

24. Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe

Two Hollywood legends …… they both made many films and had many husbands and lovers.  They both enjoyed huge fame, wealth and glamour but their lives were  littered with tragedies and failures.

With Elizabeth we consider her amazing collection of jewellery which was worth worth millions, we briefly look at all seven husbands and EIGHT marriages – and dwell a little longer over her many problems with Richard Burton which first erupted when these two fell in love whilst filming Cleopatra.

With Marilyn we consider her iconic films, her husbands, her affair with president Kennedy – much hushed up here in England during the 1960’s –  the sad, chaotic, all-too-short life and the mystery still surrounding her death.

25. London

Interesting facts you may or may not know about our capital city, including Cleopatra’s needle,  Trafalgar square and Harrods department store.

26. Bletchley Park

One of our best kept secrets during WWII was Bletchley Park  home of the codebreakers  Alan Turing – Hut 8, Gordon Welchman – Hut 6,   Jerry Roberts – Hut 3.  Photographs before and after restoration of the now famous Huts which were reopened by Princess Katherine, Duchess of Cornwall in June 2014 almost seventy years after her grandmother had worked as a codebreaker there during the war.



27. A Century of Fashion: 1900 - 2000

Be surprised by fashion!  The clothes,  the shoes,  the make up…..!!!

Did we really wear those skirts in the 1960’s ???

28. Queen Elizabeth II

The history of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.  A life of extraordinary dedication,  commitment and  achievement.










29. Twelve Princesses

Princess Anne,  Princess Margaret,  Princess Alexandra of Kent,  Princess Michael of Kent,  Sarah (Fergie),  Sophie,  Beatrice,

Eugenie,  Rita Hayworth -the Princess Ali Khan, Grace Kelley,  Diana, Catherine (Kate)

30. Royal Palaces and Residences

Visiting many of the palaces,  homes and gardens in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales  including Buckingham palace, Highgrove,  Sandringham, St James’s Palace, Scilly Isles and  Windsor

31. Conspiracies and Scandals of the 20th Century - part 1


Ruth Ellis; The Profumo scandal – Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice-Davies;  Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton; President Kennedy; Princess Diana

Plus many more…..

32. Conspiracies and Scandals of the 20th Century - part 2

Lord Lucan;  Grace Kelley;  Natalie Wood;  Amy Johnson;  President Clinton

Plus many more…..

33. Conspiracies and Scandals of the 20th century - part 3

Shergar;  Loch Ness and Nessie;  Ingrid Bergman;  Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner;  World cup stolen;  Barbara Hutton and the Woolworth billions;  Derek Bentley;

Assassination of the Russian royal family and the story of Joy the pet spaniel of Alexei Romanov the tsarevich  (the dog was the only one to survive the Russian Revolution).

34. The 1940's

How we coped during the war years, even managed a few laughs. Then, from 1945 the start of our recovery.

35. The 1950's

Fabulous times are coming, the war is over, change is in the air!  The end of rationing and the beginning of Rock ‘n Roll……

36. The 1960's

A decade of remarkable events – man on the moon, mini car, mini skirts, launch of the QE2.  In the cinemas for the first time – Cleopatra, Lawrence of Arabia, James Bond, The Sound of Music.

A nostalgic trip down Memory Lane……

37. The Kennedys

The Kennedys – a family who became a legend in their own lifetime.  We look at the early days of Joseph and Rose and the lives of their nine children; the Camelot years of President Kennedy and Jackie through to the horror of Dallas on 22nd November 1963; then, five years later on 5th June 1968 in Los Angeles the assassination of Robert and just a year after that in July 1969 the dark and disturbing Chappaquiddick incident. Was the mismatched and unfortunate marriage of Jackie to Aristotle Onassis a selfless attempt by a desperate mother to distance her children from their lethal Kennedy inheritance? We finish with the kismet that is the life story of both Jackie and Aristotle’s children.

38: Our Favourite TV Stars

Our favourite TV stars! How many hours have you spent in their company?   David Jason   (Only Fools & Horses);  Martin Shaw  (John Deed);   Felicity Kendal (The Good Life);

John Thaw (Morse);   Joan Collins (Dallas); Patricia Routledge  (Keeping up Appearances); Penelope Keith (The Good Life & To the Manor Born) and so many, many more for you to remember.

39. Churchill and the Chartwell Years

From 1922 to 1965 (excluding the war years) Winston and Clementine lived at Chartwell with their children where they spent much time creating the gardens, lakes and swimming pool.  Winston was an excellent bricklayer and he built walls and a garden house for their daughter Mary.  After the war he would be elected Prime Minister twice and would continue with his paintings and the writing of several books which would help greatly with his finances. The house, gardens and studio are open to the public.

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