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Location: Billericay,Essex
About me...

I am a qualified part-time adult education tutor, teaching history and literature.  I also give regular talks to a number of different Organisations, Clubs and Societies and do a book review for a local radio station.

About my talks...

My talks are ‘stand alone’, so no equipment is required, apart from a chair and table.  I do sometimes give out handouts and/or information sheets after a talk. Questions at the end of the talk are warmly welcomed.  Talks last approx 1 hour, although this can be flexible, depending on the Organisation’s requirements. My main availability is during the daytime.

I can offer any of my talks as Virtual presentations (zoom).


From £50, depending on location, plus mileage (East Anglia only, please).  Please note that I am mainly available during the daytime.

My Contact Details:

01277 633791

1. Prince Albert: The Greatest King we Never Had?

Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria , has had a bad press! Portrayed as all things pompous and stuffy, he was actually a man very much ahead of his time, who made a real impact on the reputation (and respectability) of the monarchy.

2. Two Victorian Philanthropists

We consider 2 Victorians with a social conscience, Sir Titus Salt and Angela Burdett-Coutts.  Opinions are divided about them, and one of them scandalised Queen Victoria!

3. Vicky, English Princess and German Empress

Princess Victoria the German Empress.

Condemned by posterity, she was the mother of the German Kaiser Wilhelm of Great War fame. Victoria, Princess Royal of Great Britain, could have changed history and the carnage of World War I could have been avoided, had she been given the chance.

4. Edward VIII, Duke of Windsor

King Edward VIII

Often called the King who gave up his Crown, much gossip and rumour has surrounded the life of this charismatic, but frequently selfish and self-obsessed, member of the Royal Family. The fascination with his life still continues today.

5. Extracts from Essex History

A poisoner who defied justice for 4 years, a connection with the famous Bronte family and the Essex lady who captivated a King – these are just some snippets from the history of Essex .

6. Murder in the Suburbs

In the 1920’s, Ilford, (then part of Essex ), was suddenly catapulted into the National media headlines by the story of an ill-fated love triangle that ended in disaster and became a cause celebre.

7. Charlotte Bronte: tragedy & triumph

A look at the woman behind the novels, her personal successes and her sorrows.

8. The Bronte Family

Father, mother, daughters and son – a look at this unconventional, talented, but often tortured famous literary family.

9. Branwell Bronte: Villain or Victim?

Bramwell Bronte and the Parsonage at Haworth

Only brother of authors Charlotte, Emily & Anne Bronte, he has been portrayed as a drunken reprobate and fantasist, who fathered an illegitimate child, made home life hell and tried to wreck his sisters’ ambitions. Has history treated him fairly?

10. Skeletons in their Cupboards

Skeleton cartoon

Two enormously popular best-selling novelists of the Victorian age were Mary Elizabeth Braddon and Wilkie Collins. Much loved and respected in public, their private lives concealed many secrets and lies.

11. Jane Austen - Witty and Wise!

Painting of Jane Austen author of Pride and Prejudice

A very light-hearted look at some extracts from the pen of this well-loved author, creator of such timeless characters as Mr Collins, Mr Woodhouse and the Bennet family. Her sharp, witty and often piercingly accurate observations on people and social behaviour are still relevant to today’s world.

12. Daughters of the Vicarage (Jane Austen & Charlotte Bronte)

Both wrote 19th century best sellers, both were parsons’ daughters – yet their lives and experiences were so very different.  We look at their lives – and find out what Charlotte Bronte thought about Jane Austen.

13. The Austen Family

The works of Jane Austen are loved throughout the world, but what do we know about her family background? We look at her family life against the historical background of the times in which she lived, and how these influences shaped her outlook and writings.

Margaret Mills Contact Details:

01277 633791

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