Marion Dante

Location: Camberley, Surrey
About me...

I entered the convent aged fourteen and left thirty-three years later. My talk is based on my autobiography, ‘Dropping The Habit’.  Was I my mother’s sin offering? Was I institutionalised? What forced me to leave?  I have been on television, radio etc. My two novels discuss the challenges and achievements of  an ex-nun. I am fortunately blessed with a sense of humour.

About my Talks...

My talks last for forty-five minutes to an hour. I am a Stand Alone speaker, so I don’t need any equipment other than  a long table on which to display relevant memorabilia which will be of interest to my audience.


My usual fee is £65 + 35p mileage. However, from time to time I am prepared to wave the fee where circumstances merit.

My Contact Details:

01252 834870


Dropping the Habit

My tale relates that I was born when the angelus bells were ringing! I wonder if I predestined to become a nun. Aged ten, the eldest of three, I arrived in Shepherd’s Bush where there was neither a shepherd nor a bush. Instead we saw signs, ‘No Dogs, no blacks, no Irish!’ Once in the convent I struggled to replace Elvis Presley, Cliff Richard and Tommy Steel for Jesus and the saints. My brother Desmond who had a barrow in the market place tried to tell me about the Beatles. Beetles? Convent rules were strict. Interspersed throughout my talk I disclose what we wore, our routine, convent food, the rules and training. After 33 years, major changes in the church resulted in me writing to the Pope and eventually, Dropping My Habit.
Alone in Civvie street I learnt about money, clothes, making friends, cooking and caring for myself…..

Photo: My sixteen year old sister, Pat, accompanied my parents to witness me making my final vows in our Liverpool convent. This is the sister that I was not permitted to hold when she was a baby and I was beginning my training to be a nun. Motherly instincts could have been aroused?

Marion Dante Contact Details:

01252 834870


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