Mick Poultney

Location: Halesowen, West Midlands
About me...

I left Halesowen boys school when I was 15 had joined the Royal Navy within 2 months. I went all over the world during the 12 years i did in the mob, loved it ! Came out & joined West Midlands Fire Service which I also loved and I did 23 years there. Two pensions combined meant that I have been able to retire early (2 kids left home , mortgage paid for ) and so i have done voluntary gardening work ever since & love this . So, I’ve had a good life and I’m now paying back to society – dishing out my knowledge & working for anything to do with gardening .

About my talks...

I use a lap top with projector for my talks and I donate gardening related raffle prizes. I’m a common sense gardener who works with nature, trial & erroring with everything I do and this is reflected in my talks.


I will travel anywhere in the UK. My fee is £50 a talk plus fuel allowance if over ten miles from my home address Halesowen in the West Midlands. If the venue is more than 2 1/2 hours travel then B & B is also required. If I’m free then I will come at short notice.

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1: Composting.

1: Composting.

Trough trial & error I can now get my compost ready to use within 3 weeks plus I’m using it as a growing medium

2: Raised beds & 'no dig' cultivation.

I havent dug for over 20 years, thats why worms were invented!

3: A year on the plot.

This covers growing everything on an allotment throughout the year .

4: Growing vegetables to show.

Not much difference in growing to eat or growing to show ! Covers most veg for the village show exhibitor to the nationals exhibitor

5: Preparing vegetables for show.

Being a national veg society judge i can give you an insight to what the judge is looking for when exhibiting vegetables , get one step ahead !

6: Growing under cover.

This covers greenhouse & tunnel cultivation from the hottest chili pepper to the sweetest tomato.

7: Fruit growing for beginners.

Covers  most common fruit that can be grown in the UK.

8: Growing Gladioli for beginners.

Start to finish , preparing , planting & looking after your gladioli .

9: Making wine from plot produce.

To drink or to show – from rhubarb to Cumberland brandy .

10: Making & using compost tea.

If you make good compost then you can make compost tea – by aerating your compost you can get the good bacteria & fungi to multiply rapidly giving you an excellent foliar & drench feed .

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