Mike Bearcroft

Location: Truro, Cornwall
About The Speaker...

Born in Sheffield, reside in Cornwall. I created the gin brand Land Of Saints to raise funds for Sir David Attenboroughs charity, F&F International see ( www.cornishspirits.org.uk ).

Was a footballer with Sheffield United, worked in Canada, Germany and the UK with Milupa Baby Foods,became a Director of the British Red Cross, TV, Film and Stage Actor, Along the way set up Murderous Liasions Murder Mystery company created Back To Broadway the stage show and Back to Broadway Summer Schools, wrote the football thriller Dangerouus Score and have raised over £500,000 for charities across the UK, see, ( www.dangerousscore.co.uk )

About Their Talks...

My Talk is titled, Variety Has Been My Spice Of Life !

It covers in what audiences tell me is an enjoyable way, my life. The good , the bad , the indifferent bits I leave it to to those there to determine whether it has been well lived or wasted!

I perfom it as a one man stage show and have many complimentary references from WI groups, U3A, Ladies Who Lunch
I have also performed in theatres across the UK, again see my website for details ( dangerousscore.co.uk} where you can see me in action !!!


I charge £35 plus 35p a mile travel and am an approved speaker for Wiltshire, Dorset, Somerset, Devon, Cornwall, WI

I bring all my own equipment and am happy to donate for free a signed copy of my book as a raffle prize at events where i speak if requested.

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Variety Has Been My Spice Of Life

Public Speaker in Cornwall, Mike Bearcroft

My life from Footballer, to Managing Director, working with Princess Diana, becoming a Director of The British Red Cross
To appearing on TV, Stage and in films to creating a Murder Mystery Company, a touring international stage show and Summer Schools
Back To Broadway, writing a novel Dangerous Score raising over half a million pounds for charity, before partnering Sir David Attenboroughs charity Fauna& Flora International with my Land Of Saints gin brand.

See www.dangerousscore.co.uk and www.cornishspiritsdrinkcompany.org.uk for more details and video of me presenting

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