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Location: Knutsford, Cheshire
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I have been in show biz for over 50 years. In theatre, television and cruise ships as a performer, writer, producer and director both here and the USA.  When I retired, I missed it all, the buzz, the glitter, the camaraderie, the laughter (and sometimes the tears) and talking about it all seemed the best way forward.  Other people seem to think so too,  and when my talk was reviewed in the Daily Mail  this is what was said – “Mike Goddard’s hilarious presentation shows him as much a philosopher as a comedian, so what else could I do but name my talk   As Much a Philosopher as a Comedian.

About my Talks...

I’m a stand alone speaker, I don’t need any props, I just come along and tell you all about whatever you’ve invited me to talk about.


My fee is £100 plus expenses.

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As Much a Philosopher as a Comedian.

This talk is about all the things I’ve done, all the people I’ve met, the famous, the infamous, the likeable and the not-so-likeable.  I’ll give you an example of the people you might meet in this talk, but I can never guarantee where the talk will go…. it’s never the same twice because there’s far too much to tell you in just 45 minutes.

I once worked at a club in Wales whilst Tommy Cooper was playing not far away in one of the seaside theatres. We happened to be staying at the same hotel and during the week, Tommy, finding out that I lived in London asked me how I was getting home. When I told him that my brother-in-law was coming to pick me up, he quite blatantly cadged a lift.
My brother in law was so excited about the fact that he was going to chauffeur the great Tommy Cooper that he turned up at the hotel an hour early with his car all waxed on the outside and vacuumed on the inside as pristine as I’d ever seen it.  When we were ready to go, he ushered Tommy out to the car offering him the front seat in the expectation of several hours of chit-chat with his famous passenger. He was sorely disappointed when Tommy climbed into the back of the car and immediately fell fast asleep and didn’t wake up till we got to his home in Chiswick at about five o clock in the morning.
As soon as the car stopped Tommy invited us in to have some breakfast with him.  This seemed like a really good idea as we stretched our cramped, weary limbs and we gratefully followed him along the frost spangled garden path and in through the front door.
“Dove” he shouted up the stairs,  “I got a lift with a couple of fellas, can you make us all some breakfast?”  A torrent of four letter words told us what we could do with the breakfast so Brian and I, with hurried farewells, retreated back towards the front door.  Tommy just shrugged and headed us off in the direction of the kitchen where he calmly proceeded to put the kettle on. “She’ll be down in a minute” he said ladling spoonfuls of Ty-phoo into the tea pot…. and she was…. and the breakfast was marvellous.
Or I could tell you about the time when Max Bygraves came to …… well never mind,  I’ll save that one till I see you.

I Would Walk 500 Miles for You....Twice.

I decided it would be interesting to walk from Pamplona to Santiago in what turned out to be an adventure full of surprises and hilarity  –  food poisoning , bug bites, a dash to hospital and getting bitten by wild dogs…. but there was a lot of fun along the way…. honest!  In fact, once you’ve listened to this presentation you’ll want to do it too (the walk that is, not necessarily the food poisoning, bug bites, hospital stop-over and wild dogs attack – they’re all optional extras).   For myself, I enjoyed it all so much that I did again – this time from San Sebastián.  The program includes the history, cuisine and culture of Spain from Tapas to Torros.

The pilgrim photo is in Alto de San Roque – altitude 1270 metres.


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