Nick Ward

Location: Bishop Stortford, Hertfordshire
About me...

A wildlife biologist, conservationist and environmentalist I have spent over forty years this field and feel I have lived a privileged life.  I have had many adventures all over the world and been involved with some of our planets most pressing concerns.

Over the last twenty five years my research has taken me into the realms of renewable energy, lifestyle choices of the masses and other subjects, including of course, climate change.

About my Talks...

My talks range from humorous to the more serious environmental issues of the day. My talks are stand alone so I don’t need any equipment, though I am happy to use a mic if one is supplied.


I charge £50 for the evening (often talks carry on as there are questions and answer sessions) and 25p per mile if more than ten miles from my home in Bishop Stortford.  I am happy to Travel to around 50 miles from the Bishop Stortford area.

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‘The Rantings Of An Aging Conservationist’.

To date, this is my most popular talk. It is a stand alone talk that usually has people laughing due to the tall tales I tell about the things I have done, been involved with or witnessed. It is an hour long summery of a conservationist’s life, from the funny point of view.... and all of the tall tales are actually true.

‘Planet Earth, Its Future’.

This is a look at what our planet may be like to live on in the future and how people and all other species may have to adapt.

‘Suburban Nature’

This talk shows what we do that is not so good for other species and what we can do to help them.


We also do walks in North and Mid Wales for those that are adventurous although we would term this ‘walking for ladies and gentlemen’. The walks are part of a tour guided by me and organised by our fund raising wing of the charity ‘Discover Tours’

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