Richard Vobes

Location: Worthing, West Sussex
About me...

I am an entertaining nutcase with a rather peculiar career. I’ve eaten fire, walked on glass and lain on a bed of nails. I have been to mime school and worked as a walk-on and extra in some of the iconic TV series of the eighties and nineties (The Bill, Poirot, Waiting For God, Lovejoy, Campion, etc), written and starred in my own children’s ITV series and produced and directed heritage documentaries. These days I make Youtube videos, write children’s books and podcast to my dedicated listeners.

About my talks...

I am a Stand-Alone speaker, requiring only the props I bring along. I am happy to use the house mic as required, or not, depending on size of hall and size of audience.

My talks lasts 45 minutes or more/less as required.


£100.00 plus travelling expenses at 35p per mile when travelling more than 15 miles from Worthing.  However, if your venue is based in the Midlands area, I only charge mileage from Shrewsbury.

My Contact Details:

07860 696236

Podcasting To The Globe

From a beach hut in Worthing, at the edge of the English Channel and the foot of the South Downs, I have been podcasting since 2005 – in fact I was the fourth Brit to do, winning one of the first Podcasting Awards the same year. Cramped in a shed, prattling humorous nonsense into a microphone, I beamed my daily thirty minute show across the world. Not content to remain walled up, I challenged my listeners to pay for my air tickets and put me up in their homes so I could travel America. They did and I did. This is the story of that great adventure!

From Extra to Fire Eater

After leaving mime school, not a phrase you hear many people say, I signed on with an walk-on agency, taking bit parts and extra work in television. I became a regular background policeman at Sun Hill in ITV’s The Bill – you’ll recognise me, I was the blurred white shirt behind frosted glass at the end of the corridor, or perhaps you recall the youthful, balding PC  respectfully popping into Sergeant Cryer’s office with a buff folder? My talk is the behind the scenes story of the life of a TV extra and circus skills entertainer – shaking hands with the queen dressed as a school boy, juggling razor-sharp knives of Tony Blackburn and sweeping an invisible broom in front of Princess Anne, all in a day’s work.

Bald Exploring

If they won’t put on TV in a proper role, I will make some myself! How difficult can it be to shoot a documentary? With a love for English history and British heritage, I fancied I would make travel films about  my favourite country. I became the Bald Explorer, taking the waters at Tunbridge Wells, smuggling tea on the Romney Marshes and chasing highwaymen in Shropshire. Making a TV show from scratch isn’t as easy as it looks and in this talk I chart some of the successes as well as stumbling blocks.

Pink Heads and Rubber Gloves

That may not be the way you think of extraterrestrials, but if you were trying to find a description of spacemen from another planet for a children’s television show, you may just do, I did. In the mid 1990s Snug and Cozi, two of the craziest spacemen in the known universe crashed landed on earth and blundered on our TV screens. They spoke in gobbledegook and got up to much mischief. I wanted to break into kids TV ever since I was a child and came up with these characters, made a pilot and sold the idea to TV, writing and acting the series two. It was a slapstick series, basically Laurel and Hardy in spacesuits!

Richard Vobes Contact Details:

07860 696236

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