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Location: Huddersfield, Yorkshire
About Robert W Wood D.Hp...

For many years I worked for one of the largest wholesalers in Europe, a company selling fossils, mineral and semi-precious gemstones into the trade including schools, colleges, universities and visitor centers. I was also involved with the company’s retail division’, looking after their shops in and around the Lake District. Many have visited The ‘Rockshop’ in Ambleside near Windermere. I then went on to write books and guides based mainly on the mysteries surrounding gemstones and crystals (over 150,000 are in print)

About my talks...

My talks last up to an hour, and there are four of them, I don’t ask for a fee because I carry a few inexpensive gifts and any sales help to contribute to the cost of the visit. Since retiring I am available during the day as well as evenings.


There is no fee

I travel from coast to coast so I am happy to present my talks in Yorkshire, Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire and Merseyside. Although there is no fee, I do ask for modest travel expenses of between £20 and £40 depending on distance travelled. I don’t ask for travel costs when groups are very small.


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A Journey of Discovering Earth Science

An insight into the many uses of Gemstones and Crystals. From lasers to computers from gas lighters to the windows on the space shuttle.


Power for Life

Based on my latest book, ‘Power for Life’ now available from Amazon, exploring the many benefits associated with gemstones and crystals including their connections with the Bible and birthstones.

Crystal Power - Fact or Fiction

Exploring the many ‘myths’ associated with crystals including why they didn’t know how to cut a ‘Diamond’ until the 15th century. 

The Placebo Effect

One of the last centuries greatest discoveries. Not only explained, but demonstrated using a ‘Secret Formula’ that’s been known in the church for centuries.

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