Ron Howell

Location: Dartmouth, South Devon
About me...

I first became connected to the underwater world whilst serving in the Royal Navy on a salvage vessel. After leaving the Navy I joined the Northampton Branch of the British Sub Aqua Club in 1975 and have been diving ever since along with three of my diving mates of that time. We have been instrumental in diving on and discovering historical and treasure wrecks around UK waters.

I am currently the Secretary of the South West Maritime Archaeological Group recognised as the number one dive team in the UK having artifacts on show in the British Museum, Plymouth Art Gallery, the Royal Albert Museum in Exeter, and the Salcombe Maritime Museum. The team has also appeared in several TV and radio programmes, newspaper and magazine articles and books about their discoveries.

About my talks...

Talk duration approx 1 hour but this can be reduced to suit time constraints and I am always more than happy to answer questions at the end. All talks are Power Point presentations, I have my own laptop and projector and if required I can bring my own screen. I also bring along some items of shipwreck finds to exhibit the talks where applicable.

For further details on each talk scroll down and read the individual write-ups – if you require more details then please contact me.


My fee is £60.00 within a ten mile radius of Dartmouth and thereafter 45p per mile expenses. In some cases I am prepared to stay overnight if distance warrants it.

My Contact Details:

01803 770452

 07792 185020

‘3000 Years of History from the Sea’

This talk briefly covers 25 years of diving on three shipwrecks in South Devon waters.
The discovery of archaeological sites in the Erme Estuary which led to the finding of a vast collection of Moroccan Gold from a 17th Century wreck off Salcombe and two more Bronze Age shipwreck sites off Moor Sands.
Also included in the talk is a wreck discovered further out to sea, the ‘Lord Napier’ a Topsham Ketch which sank in 1912.

‘The Gold Wreck’

An in depth story of the finding of a 17th Century cannon site and its treasure by a team of amateur divers off Gara Rock near Salcombe, which is now in its twenty second year, the haul of Gold has been described as the greatest find of Islamic treasure ever found in Europe, and finds are still being made to this day.


‘Diving into History’

A more detailed story of the discovery of two Bronze Age wrecks close to the Cannon Site, which produced a wealth of weapons, tin and copper ingots, and gold artefacts from the Bronze Age, changing the history of Bronze Age Northern Europe.
Talk duration approx 1 hour

‘To Sail No More’

The story of the Lord Napier a Topsham vessel that sank close to the Salcombe wrecks in 1912. The Ketch sank en-route to Kingsbridge from Exmouth with a cargo of ‘hot bricks’. A small piece of marked pottery found in the wreck has revealed a wonderful social history of life from the middle of Victorian Britain to the Second World War.

‘Treasures from under the Sea’

40 years of diving shipwrecks around the coasts of the British Isles by Ron Howell and team members.
Talk duration approx 1 hour

‘The Silver Pit’

A newly developed talk from Ron Howell about the salvaging of a Cunard Liner wrecked off the Isle of Mull after being torpedoed in 1918. The small team from the Northampton Branch of the British Sub Aqua Club discovered a huge quantity of ships silverware deep inside the wreck.

Ron Howell Contact Details:

01803 770452

 07792 185020

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