Russell Selby

Location: Ashton Under Lyne, Greater Manchester
About me...

I’m a 27 year old master civil engineer graduate and I am passionate about the environment, our collective responsibility to build a sustainable future for the generations to come. From gender equality and quality education to improved health to zero poverty, oh and of course I can’t forget climate action. The experience from a 5-year unsupported cycle trip around the world have truly shaped my outlook on life.

About my talk...

Presented on PowerPoint, I need a projector and appropriate means to connect my laptop. I can also bring the bicycle that I travelled on for over 5 years.


£50 within an hour or so drive from my home in Ashton under Lyne. For longer distances, a little for travel expenses would be much appreciated.

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What I Learnt Cycling Around the World.

Using my bike as transport and my tent as shelter I travelled 60,000km, cycling across five continents and through 50 countries.  It took five years and I love telling people about my experiences and the lessons I learned.
This photo was taken on Paso San Francisco between Chile and Argentina. It was just shy of 5000m above sea level and I had ridden three days since my last town in Chile.  My bike was over 60kg from carrying the food and water I needed along the way. At this point I still had another 3 days to reach my first town in Argentina. This was 4 years into the 5 year trip.
There were countless rather extreme experiences along the way including getting stuck in the Amazon rainforest  for over a week and having my life threatened by a Mexican cartel in northern Mexico.



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