Sacha Chapman

Location: Walthamstow, Greater London
About me...

I am an Award Winning International Inspirational Speaker and Transformational Coach and the founder of Rebel Love Journey.
Born into an abusive environment, feeling unsafe, never feeling ‘good enough’, constantly trying to fit in, unable to connect, disassociating from my body, trapped in obsessive thought patterns yet having an overwhelming passion to self express and to explore my true potential, I spent most of my life in a constant state of shame, fear and deep frustration.
Driven by a burning desire to understand what my ultimate purpose was and knowing that however bad it got, I had this little light inside of me that never went out, I left my well paid unfulfilling career seven years ago and embarked open what turned out to be a life changing spiritual quest.
I now travel the world sharing the wisdom and lessons learned from my unending journey and coach some of the most inspirational people on how to uncover your purpose by exploring your untapped territory and falling in love with what makes you unusually brilliant.

About my Talks...

My talks last approx 45 mins although I can make them longer or shorter depending on what you require.


£100 plus travel if 10 miles outside of central London. More than happy to travel within Central London.
If you are a non profit making organisation and based in Central London I will speak free of charge. If you are a non profit organisation and are based outside London I will ask only ask for travel expenses.
I am happy to help out at short notice if your speaker is unable to attend and I am available.

My Contact Details:

07722 961 069

How to Speak Your Truth & Live Your Fullest Self Expressed Life

In this talk I will take you on a journey. It starts with how I was so ashamed of who I was that I could neither speak nor stand up for myself to uncovering my unique self expression and developing the confidence to speak my message to thousands of people. Through finding the confidence to speak I become an award winning inspirational speaker.
My ventures along the way include performing my very well received Stand Up comedy act at the Great Yorkshire Fringe 2019 and acting as a flamboyant 1980’s swinger in ‘A Chorus of Disapproval’ to thousands of people.
I will teach you the three absolute musts you need so that you can uncover your voice and find the courage to unapologetically self express to the World!

These are the titles of my other talks:

1. How to Uncover your Purpose
2. How to  Fall in Love with what makes you Unusually Brilliant
3. How to Transmute your Shame into Light
4. How to Step into the Authentic Leadership that the 21st century needs
Sacha Chapman Contact Details:

07722 961 069

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