Stephen Poulter

Location: Diss, Norfolk
About me...

I have given hundreds of talks to audiences ranging from a dozen to over 500 people for all sorts of community organisations including U3A, WI, Rotary, plus local history and church social groups. I work as an auctioneer at a fortnightly country sale in Hertfordshire, run an online antiques, vintage and collectables business, and am a part time tutor teaching short courses for the WEA. Previously I owned and ran an independent bookshop for ten years. Between 2005 and 2014 I interviewed dozens of major celebrity names live on stage – featuring Julie Walters, Ian Botham, Alan Titchmarsh, Sheila Hancock, Alan Davies – as part of a regular Meet the Author programme I produced at theatres and other venues across Hertfordshire. In my long career, which included 15 years working in Television Drama, I have also chaired and made presentations at numerous conferences, seminars and debates, at national and international level.

About my Talks...

All my talks are on subjects relating to history and heritage with plenty of photographs and illustrations and should be of interest to a general audience. They generally last an hour including questions, but the length can be adjusted to fit in with the format of your meeting. I use Powerpoint for all my presentations and so I bring all my own technical equipment – I simply require the host group to provide a screen or plain wall to project on to. I am quite happy to use a microphone if you like to provide one, but prefer a clip-on type so I can move around easily.


For a 60-75 min talk to audiences of less than 200 people I charge £65; the first 20 miles I travel are free, thereafter I charge 40p per mile.

My Contact Details:

07973 529565


Confessions of an Occasional Auctioneer

As an auctioneer and online dealer in antiques, vintage items and collectables Stephen describes how the auction business developed over more than 2000 years and reveals the insider secrets the way the trade operates today. There is a fun quiz element with the audience members being invited to identify unusual objects, estimate the value of other items, and guess how much certain pieces sold for at auction.

DICK TURPIN - The Myth and the Man

In this presentation Stephen contrasts the myth about the “gentleman highwayman” which grew up in the 19th and 20th centuries in magazines, novels, films, and television series with the true story of one of history’s most notorious villains who was a violent and murderous thug. He also tells the tales of a number of other highway robbers operating around the UK whose exploits were later attributed to Turpin. As usual the talk contains numerous period engravings, paintings, and photographs along with period poems and quotes

NEEDHAM - The Story of a Rural Norfolk Village

In the course of researching the background to his 17th century home in the small, rural Norfolk village of Needham, Stephen has uncovered a wealth of interesting material about the history of this ancient settlement which dates back more than 2000 years. This is a tale that includes Roman coin hoards, Norman knights, a medieval religious protest, and reveals a prosperous 17th century community of Yeoman farmers. The residents were buffeted by revolution, war, and economic unrest as the 18th century gave way to the Victorian era, and also experienced plenty of human dramas nearer to home which included bankruptcies, the handling of stolen goods, a fatal accident caused by drunk driving, and a violent pub brawl which resulted in a trial for manslaughter.


Researching the History of Your Home

As author of a number of local history books, Stephen shares his experience of researching the story of the 17th century cottage in Norfolk which he moved into just 2 years ago. He’ll recount the tales of the owners and residents of his own home over more than 300 years, who ranged from Victorian farmers and bricklayers to a Georgian gentlewoman of independent means and a wealthy 17th century landowner. He also describes the various processes and historic documents involved in investigating the background of any historic property so that anyone in the audience can set out on their own journey of historical discovery.

Stephen Poulter Contact Details:

07973 529565

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