Sue C Medcalf

Location: Taunton, Somerset
About me...

I’m an accidental author of a series of books about a badger called Itchybald Scratchet. At 57 I never expected to write a book and now I have five books (working on number eight at the moment).

The series of books came from a telephone conversation with my sister, who had badgers digging up her back garden, she asked me what she could do to stop the digging.  So I did some research on their habitat and I was hooked!

About my Talk...

The presentation is power point based and lasts about 45 minutes with QA’s (It can be shorter or slightly longer if required), it explains about publishing/self publishing, the main character Itchybald Scratchet, his friends and family with their amusing names such as Enor Mouse (A huge mouse), Neighomi (A shire horse) and many others.


£45.00 plus travel expenses @ 24p per mile when over 10 miles from my home in Taunton, Somerset.

My Contact Details:

Call Ian on 07971-203414 (Sales & Marketing)

That is How I Became an Accidental Author.

That is how I became an accidental author.The more I learned about badgers the more interested I became!

The name Itchybald Scratchet was a surprise, it suddenly came to me when I was putting a cup in the dishwasher! I think it was sent to me to make people smile, it’s certainly memorable!

After putting pen to paper I have found the experience to be rewarding and it has enhanced my interest in wildlife. I hope that the books will inspire and encourage children and adults alike to enjoy and learn from reading my books.

I moved to Somerset 20 years ago and love the surroundings and wildlife here. Learning about badgers and their lifestyle has been motivational for my writing and has lead to a greater understanding of our wildlife in general and the environment around us.

Sue C Medcalf Contact Details:

Call Ian on 07971-203414 (Sales & Marketing)

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