Sue Flipping

Location: Sittingbourne, Kent
About me...

I’m currently a self-employed funeral celebrant but I’ve been fortunate to have had many other amazing jobs; as a radio journalist, a published author, a lecturer, a hypnotherapist, an events organiser, a public relations consultant and, for a few halcyon but back-breaking days in my early twenties, a grape-picker.
I’ve spent much of my working life in front of an audience of one kind or another, sharing my enthusiasms and knowledge.
Take your pick from several talks, some of which are based on my current work, others on my interest in history.

About my talks...

I normally talk for up to an hour (including questions) but I’m happy to adapt according to your group.
All talks have accompanying images. They are essential for ‘The Walls Have Tongues – Graffiti in Medieval Churches’. I prefer to show images for my other talks but, if you have no facilities for a presentation, ‘There’s a Whole World Out There’ is the best talk to choose. I bring my own laptop and projector if you could provide a screen or blank wall.
If you need someone at short notice – I’ll always do my best to help.


My fee is £70.00  for all talks except ‘Why Aren’t You Listening’. Once more than 15 miles from my home postcode, I charge an additional 30p per mile travel.
I’m happy to travel, particularly if you happen to be somewhere that gives me a good excuse to spend time in a part of the country I’ve never visited before!

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The ‘F’ word – the final taboo

A funeral can be a truly uplifting occasion with increasing numbers of people turning to celebrants like me to create a unique and creative celebration of life.

In a life-affirming talk that has surprises, anecdotes, and more humour than you might expect, I outline some of the hundreds of options now available and consider what the current government investigation into the funeral industry might mean for all of us.

I take care that the talk acknowledges the sensitive nature of the topic, recognising that at least some in the audience have faced a bereavement.

The History and Mystery of Funerals

Death and the funeral rites that follow it have always reflected the culture of the time and our ancestors had practices that seem strange – even bizarre – to 21st century minds. The talk looks at funerals over the last thousand years, tracing how they influence what we consider ‘normal’ today.

The Walls Have Tongues – Graffiti in Medieval Churches

Look closely and many of our medieval churches are covered with graffiti – deliberate markings in the fabric of the church, that, unlike modern graffiti, were almost certainly condoned and possibly even encouraged.  But why is it there? An extensive nationwide survey is currently recording examples of medieval church graffiti in an effort to understand better its scope and purpose. This talk shows different types of graffiti, attempts to explain what our forebears wanted to achieve and tells you how to find these strange markings yourself.

There’s a Whole world Out There.

After two separate health crises I gave up full-time work to indulge my interests and to travel. I worked as a volunteer teacher in India, tried scuba diving in the Philippines, road-tripped around America, Australia and New Zealand and travelled independently through Vietnam and Cambodia.

My talk will be adapted according to the interests of your group but can include personal experiences, information about culture and heritage and advice about independent travel.

"Why aren’t you listening?"

How do you get people to pay attention to your business, organisation or voluntary group? As a public relations consultant, I give training / advice talks, with or without practical activities, on how to promote effectively and at minimal cost using mass media, social media and specialist media. If you would like me to include activities, the session will be a minimum of two hours and charged accordingly. There may be an additional charge for research and resources.

This talk is charged at £100 – £150 an hour depending on your organisation and needs. There may be an additional cost for research and resources. Give me a call to find out more.

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