Susan Rogers

Location: Richmond, North Yorkshire
About me...

For 35 years I held senior marketing positions in companies such as Kraft Foods, Kellogg’s and ICI before setting up my own marketing consultancy. I had a range of hobbies including holding my private pilot’s licence, amateur dramatics, DIY, mountain walking and a range of crafts. In 2012 I realised that there was more to life than working, plus I refused to be on my deathbed saying “I wish I’d…..” so I specifically designed what I call my “second life” which has a road map that could be loosely called my bucket list and which I use to live life to the full and ensure that I clock off all those “I wish” things whether that is dying my hair electric blue for a fortnight to travelling to Easter Island to becoming a published author.

About my talks...

I offer several talks, all of which encompass a degree of humour, even for serious topics as it helps to keep the audience engaged and interested, not to mention awake! I gave the one on Creating my Second life at an alumni day at Warwick University and it was exceptionally well received, with emails after the event telling me how inspirational people found it, and how well presented.
The talks covering places I’ve visited do use my holiday photographs however the talks are angled to cover a particular aspect of the country and not just a series of “holiday snaps”.
My talks aim to be around the 45 mins length allowing for 15 minutes questions, however they can be lengthened or shortened to suit. I provide my own lap top, projector and flip chart. I just need a screen or white wall to project on to.


£50 for small organisations (circa 50 people or less) plus travel at 35p per mile if more than ten miles from my home address.

Larger organisations, company events and after dinner speaker, from £150 plus expenses.

I am happy to travel within  Yorkshire Cleveland Cheshire Lancashire and Durham

My Contact Details:

01423714807 MOBILE: 07776145529

Creating M Second Life.

This talk covers why I considered creating a second life, the dilemmas I faced, how I overcame them, how I created the second life and progress to date.


There are two sides to every story and when thinking of the Vietnam war movies such as Platoon, The Deer Hunter and the like spring to mind, yet my journey around the country showed a very different perspective and even more amazingly that the Vietnamese look to the future not the past and are extremely welcoming to western visitors.

Argentina and Brazil

After having visited Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo on business I just had to have a holiday in these amazing countries. From the searing heat and humidity of the Amazon to the freezing icebergs of Patagonia this was a journey that has yet to be surpassed.


The engineering know-how and design of the Incas, an empire that only last 100 years is truly awesome. I cover some of the most amazing buildings I have ever seen, built without the use of any metal tools.

Easter Island

The enigma of this island and especially why the Moai   were erected and even more intriguing why they were desecrated is open to lots of theories. Having visited them and see the remains for myself I’ll offer one possible explanation.

Marketing your own business

A useful, practical talk on how to market your own business based on the setting up of my own consultancy.

Creating a nature reserve from scratch

How I took a non working farm with seven acres and turned it into a nature reserve – just as a hobby!

Breakthrough creative problem solving

A practical, brief look at how to creatively solve almost any problem. I also offer this as a one day workshop.

How to self publish your book

How to self publish your book.
After self publishing my own first book this is a practical talk on how to self publish and the pitfalls to avoid.

What people say about my talks....

  • A very well balanced presentation delivered in a very engaging, dynamic and friendly way.
  •  A very animated and lively session, brought to life with great examples to which we could all relate.
  •  Great style – interesting, informal, engaging
Susan Rogers Contact Details:

01423714807 MOBILE: 07776145529

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