Sylvia M Everitt MBE

Location: Cannock Staffordshire
About Sylvia...

My history talk is based around the embroideries that I created to celebrate the millennium. Hence, although the talk is illustrated with my embroideries, it is NOT a talk about embroidery techniques.

About her talk...

My talk is a slide presentation and I supply all of the equipment including a screen where necessary. I will travel anywhere in UK. I am used to giving talks at all types of venues and for all types of events including after-dinner engagements, charity evenings, National Trust, Rotary, PROBUS, TWG, WI, U3A etc. Usually my talks last between 45 and 50 minutes though I am very happy to expand them when asked to do so.


My fee is normally in the range of £80 and I charge travelling expenses if more than ten miles from my home in Cannock, Staffordshire. I will negotiate a lesser fee for small local groups

My Contact Details:

01543 424367

The Staffordshire Millennium Embroideries

A history talk illustrated with my embroideries

The Staffordshire Millennium Embroideries took five and a half years to complete. The panels tell the story of one thousand years of the history of Staffordshire and, during the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries the enormous contribution the county made towards placing England well and truly on the world map. The talk is light-hearted and anecdotal and Sylvia adapts the content according to her audience giving either more or less attention to the crafting of the Embroideries with more emphasis being placed on the history contained in the panels for less embroidery minded audiences – this means that the talk is an enjoyable to a man’s PROBUS club as it is to an Embroiderers’ Guild. It is a light hearted talk with plenty of amusing anecdotes about the crafting of the panels and about the history contained within them. You will, however, come away from this bright, entretaining mini-lecture with a great deal more knowledge of how Staffordshire helped to shape the country we live in today and a determination to see the Embroideries for yourself – read on for more details of where you can see the Staffordshire Millennium Embroideries.
Each century of the millennium has its own panel to represent the happenings in the county during those years – this is the 20th century. Each panel took approximately five months to create. You can see the Staffordshire Millennium Embroideries at the St Mary’s Heritage Centre, Market Square, Lichfield where they are on permanent exhibition.

Sylvia M Everitt MBE Contact Details:

01543 424367

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