Tim Laskey

Location: Hindhead, Surrey
About me...

I offer SPEAKING SERVICES, that are very different, for Groups, Clubs, Organisations, Company and Corporate Clients. My style is sharp, witty, humorous, researched, perceptive, knowledgeable, fact and experience based, but always warm and inclusive. I provide unusual insights into my areas of expertise. The aim may be to educate or inform. It may be to motivate, encourage, even perhaps inspire people to try something new, challenging, exciting to move away from long held conceptual restraints and step outside “the comfort zone.”

About my talks...

My talks are ‘stand-alone’ so I don’t require any equipment.


My fee is negotiable
I am based on the Surrey/Hampshire/Sussex borders, but am happy to travel if the offer is interesting.

My Contact Details:

01428 605 901

Absolutely Barking - Memories of a Fitness Fanatic

Given the many extraordinary people and animals I have worked with and the highly unusual life I lead, I have amassed a rich source of anecdotal material – much of it very entertaining. As I also write poems to order (normally about nominated individuals in the audience) and songs. Some of my talks (eg Sports Club after dinner speeches, “Hen Parties” etc.) are solely about making people laugh! For instance, my talk “ABSOLUTELY BARKING….Memories of a FITNESS FANATIC” falls into this category.

Tim Laskey Contact Details:

01428 605 901

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