Troy Conner

Location: Halifax, West Yorkshire
About me...

I spent 13 years in the Forces/ Army. I loved that and it is what shaped me into what I am today.
My Hobbies and interests are: Skiing which is my passion Alpine & Nordic. I do a lot of volunteering with military charities helping the wounded troops and take part in challenges such as ski marathons, marathons & bike rides. I love hill walking and the outdoors. Traveling to different countries. I also like to write poetry and happy to share any poems as I found it very therapeutic after my head injury.

About my talk...

I can deliver my talks  as a Stand Alone speaker without the need of props though I do feel a microphone  is necessary in a big room.  However,  I have a memory stick with photos and a video that I can show to consolidate the story. I am very flexible.


My fee is £100.00 within ten miles of my home town Halifax. When the venue is further afield, I charge travelling expenses of 40p per mile.   I have no dramas going further afield as this is now my role I feel.

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Bouncing Back

I was involved in an explosion, blown up by an IED. I was smashed to pieces and broken hearted, my loved military career ended.  I spent two years in hospital and rehabilitation during which time I had to learn to face what had happened and come to terms with the new me…. then I started to reconstruct myself and my life.

This is a story of loss and fighting the negativity of everything that the loss encompassed but much more than that it is a story of Bouncing Back.

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