I would like to officially announce that Dianne Mannering has now retired from Public Speakers Corner due to ill health. Dianne did an amazing job of running the website for over 20 years and supporting speakers during that time. She was a kind, considerate and helpful person and a fantastic advocate for the speaker community. She will be greatly missed by us all, but her legacy will continue under new stewardship, and I look forward to helping to develop the website and services that we can offer to everyone.


Dianne Mannering originally started this website over 20 years ago using http://www.diannemannering.co.uk and quickly established the website as one of the premier resources for speaker secretaries/booking secretaries looking for public speakers in the UK.

The website has gown through several evolutions into what it is today under https://www.publicspeakerscorner.co.uk.

Many speaker secretaries/booking secretaries and their respective organisations know Dianne well and have booked her and many of the public speakers listed on Public Speakers Corner successfully for many years.

Since taking over in 2021 we have added new functions and features to the website and will continue to develop the services we can offer to both speakers and bookers.

We look forward to continuing to support the website, the public speaker community and the bookers throughout the UK.